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SporToto Super LeagueIn the 36th week of the match, referee Arda Cardeshler tossed a coin toss in cryptocurrency in the derby battle between Besiktas and Fenerbahce, who drew side Bitcoin The other side Ethereum Made of written coins coin toss It caused controversy. Odatv spoke with former FIFA license referee Deniz Ateş Bitnel, Istanbul Amateur Sports Federation Secretary-General Asım Özdemir, and sports attorney Aysu Melis Bağlan.

Who said what

Marine Day Bitnell, I’m unaware of the federation. He said the referee would have problems if the case happened. Asım Özdemir, Secretary-General of the Istanbul Amateur Sports Federation, said:This is within the discretion of the referee. ” Said. Sports lawyer Aysu Melis Bağlan said:The referee cannot take such an initiative individually. He said.

DEN0054Z FIREBITNEL: Not ethical

If there is a sponsorship agreement within the knowledge of the federation, state it is unethical. Marine Day Bitnell He said:

“This is unethical if the federation has a sponsorship agreement and does not provide the information. Obviously, there is no obligation to spend money on the coin toss … but the FIFA referee was written by FIFA on the other side. I spend money. This is sent by UEFA. Anyway, it is sent for use for this purpose. “

The referee is having difficulty

State that the referee may be in trouble if an event occurs without the federation’s knowledge. Marine Day Bitnell Continued as follows:

“Ethereum was written on the other side.’Bitcoin or Ethereum?'” “The question is, frankly, weird. The important thing is whether he advertised it. The admin doesn’t know it. The referee can get into trouble. If the federation is unaware of this and includes advertising, it can defend the referee. “

For advertising …

Emphasizing that its use for advertising purposes causes problems, Marine Day Bitnell I used the following terms:

“It could be something innocent. He can also say,” I just shot the money, I don’t know what’s wrong. ” But no one knows this anymore. He didn’t expect it to grow that much. Of course, we speak hypothetically; the biggest problem here is that Bitcoin and Ethereum use it for advertising purposes. “

Probability is high

“Did he do such a coin toss as part of a federation’s advertising or sponsorship contract?” Dennis Atesh Bitnell “If so, it would have been promoted and shown. It is very unlikely that it will appear on the board. ” He replied.

ASIMÖZDE M0054R: In the jurisdiction of the referee

Asım Özdemir, Secretary-General of the Istanbul Amateur Sports Federation, said the issue was under the authority of the referee.Asim Ozdemir “The referee threw anything he had. This is in the referee’s authority. Both sides are the head, one side is the head, the other side is the goal, the other side. Is the ball. The referee can decide this, it is important for us to decide the goal. “ Said.


Sports lawyer Aysu Melis Bağlan emphasized that he has never encountered this situation before. AysuMelis Bağlan said:

“It’s a very interesting subject. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I don’t know if there was any cooperation on this issue. It was done by the federation’s own organization and hands. I don’t know if it’s there. It’s cooperation, contracts, and agreements with the general public at TFF. When we had a federation, we encountered something like this. Nothing is legal. think.”

Aysu Melis Bağlan, who said she said it was not possible for the referee to throw cryptocurrencies at her personal choice, concluded her words:

“The referee cannot take such an initiative individually. He must follow the instructions for sporting goods. This is a very extreme and interesting example. The instructions are old and legal to foresee this. There are no restrictions. Please say this most clearly. “

How much are they worth?

As of 13.00, Ethereum is 36,495 TL and Bitcoin is 500. Thousand 589TL.

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