Dennis Atesh Bitnell: “They Will Put Pressure on Fall”-Soccer News

In response to CanBedel’s question on the Rota Futbol YouTube channel, Deniz Ateş Bitnel explained to the referee the name behind the operation and also stated that the club could work to get rid of the demotion.

Dennis Atesh Bitnell said of the decision: “This event is unprecedented in the world. This event only occurs in Turkey. Given the rejuvenation policy, it makes no sense to remove the 33-34 year old Mert Güzenge. Because of the rejuvenation policy, wherever you get the list, it’s in your hands. Performing it 10 weeks before the league reveals allegations of suspicion. Probably from the club association, create the list. There will be a statement that they need to be demoted because they call these referees suspicious. I heard that no one supports this decision except for two clubs. I disagree as a referee. World Cup representative Cüneyt Çakır is completely scandalous. Turkey going to Turkey will be blocked. Excluding many successful referees and more unsuccessful referees from the list It’s ridiculous and business. Doing this is a threat to the referees on the list. The main problem is there. No one can claim that the referee will not play the match under pressure. Appetizer They are all under pressure and unable to stand up straight and make the right decision. MHK left a very annoying process for their later generations. The people who signed this decision at MHK The referee community will not be able to quickly find a place for them and their name will be written on a dusty page of history. This decision will remain a black mark on the MHK’s forehead. They will be embarrassing for the refereeing community. ”

Regarding MHK President Ferhat Gundodu’s remark, “I have never been satisfied with the explanation. If anyone is satisfied, please let me know.” We present with the support of Ozdemir. I did this in my report. ” Özdemir. Inconsistent, self-contradictory statement. They have instructed that classification changes can be made in the middle of the season. We do not violate the instructions, but here are the points that violate the instructions. When ranked by classification, you have the right to drop the bottom 20%. I have a question for 13 referees. What is 20% of this? I don’t think they are going to teach. It’s close to 50%. It may be against the instructions. In fact, the MHK president ignored himself by making annoying statements. It’s a very tragic and interesting situation that the president of MHK says we have 20% change, but he made a 50% change. They have sinned themselves. They need to explain it. How would the instruction fix this problem? Mete Kalkavan, who left the hall saying “I’m uncomfortable” when asked if anyone was uncomfortable with this situation, should leave the hall now and be applauded. This is the stance. Mete Kalkavan’s stance on behalf of the refereeing community praised him in this community. I made him a role model. I wish a little more people could stand behind him. That would have caused MHK to have more problems. MHK is a temporary institution. Maybe he was brought here to do this surgery. Unknown MHK. Currently, Cüneyt Çakı is the president of MHK, whose name cannot be read next to the referee in his career. Perhaps he accepted this job to satisfy his ego as well. There is a pure ego war, but you can see who will win this war and who will soon be defeated. All these referees are victims. He always wins where he is a victim. This is what MHK overlooked. “

Regarding the allegations that Servet Caletinci influenced MHK’s decision, he said: He took him to MHK and appointed him directly. “His past as a referee was not at a high level. That’s why I say MHK actually turned into an ego war. Ahmet Shahin is now the most prestigious person in MHK. Who he talks to from the outside I don’t know who is, who is informed, who is receiving the information, who is imposing it, but there is a person named Abdurrahman Arıcı. This person’s sister has a claimant. This man’s sister is the claimant. He has two sons, two of whom are football referees. His daughter works in TFF foreign relations and is also the chairman of the board of directors. That is, such a person is still working at TFF and is involved in everything. At the same time, he is 71 years old, but the upper limit is 70 years old. Turkish active football referees and observers he is an association I tried my best not to abandon my presidency and tried with candidate Hamza Egypt, who is currently standing in front of him. When so many referees’ obligations ended and there was an attack, Turkey Have you ever seen a rebuke from an association of active football referees and observers? He has finished the refereeing and observations of everyone who opposed him in the election of the chairman of the association. In fact, the pillar of this operation. One of them seems to be based on Abdullahman Archi. It is not the referee who needs cleaning, but the other people who spoil the name of the referee and the heads of other institutions. One of them is Abdurrahman Arıcı. “He said.

Dennis Atesh Bitnell describes Ahmet Shahin, a member of MHK: He is a subcontractor of Nihat Ozdemir. He is also the owner of the company. In other words, the event takes place in a very different place. Only autofocus Abdullah Man Archi is involved in this business. ”

Dennis Atesh Bitnell also said that there is also an observer division of the business: “They have excluded Mustafa Turk, Sabri Cherik and Süleyman Abbey from the list. They are also explained according to the criteria they excluded from the list. Should be. Again, on this list is Abdullah Man Archi of the Association Elections. “It was the opposite or opposite group. So I agree with the choice of association. This association is very important. The association is a union of referees, which is the place to protect the referees. Abdullah Man Archi first conquered the castle from the inside and took it, and now the refereeing association cannot react. “There is an established referee solidarity association and it is the only one that has been accused. Letter. It does not reflect the purpose of establishing this association,” he said.

Finally, Deniz Ateş Bitnel said there was pressure to remove the demotion, “after this incident, the club will probably request the removal of the demotion and will do its best to remove the demotion.” I’m waiting for us. “