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Clinton Nzieh, Murat Parli, Caris Kalissis, Dia Saba, Robin Yalchin, Karol Angelski and Kader Keita signed their contracts with the Red and White Team during a ceremony held at the Sivas 4 Eylül stadium. .

Speaking at the ceremony, Sivaspor club president Meknun Ochakumaz hoped the transfer would be fruitful.

Recalling that he parted ways with nine players after last season, Ochakumaz said: “Thank you for your contribution to the club. We have received a gift from coach Riza Charumbai to fill in the replacements for these footballers. We’ve started working along the list that was given to us, and so far we’ve got seven important names on the team since they’ve left us.”

“Our average age has dropped to 28.”

Otyakmaz said the new transfer has reduced the average age of the red-white team from 31 to 28, stating:


“We have made a great effort to include Clinton Engie, who has played for important clubs in Europe, Murat Parli, who has played well for Göztepe last season, and Kalis Kalissis, who we believe will play an important role in the midfield. For Día Saba, who has paid for the Turkish Cup for the first time in a year, he brings together Robin Jalcin, striker Karol Angelski, who played in the Polish league last season, and prospect Kader Keita. You could say we lowered the average age from 31 to 28.”

Noting that he was pleased with the performance of the new transfer, who has started to take part in the recent games, Ochakumaz said, “The current team’s athletes believe they can bring the team up in points and achieve success in Europe.” when they adapt in the coming weeks,” he said.

“I truly believe in skipping tours”

Otyakmaz would like to thank Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin for his support in purchasing tickets for the Sivasspor vs Malmö match and distributing them free to fans.

Inviting fans to fill the stands at the Malmö match, Ochakumaz continued his speech by saying:

“We started the match in Malmö with a 3-1 disadvantage, but I truly believe that we can turn this disadvantageous score into our advantage and skip the round with the atmosphere created in the stadium. The president was Hilmi. Birgin. Everyone should get their place at the stadium. I think the fans influence the score.

Otyakmaz said he had assembled a squad that included a replacement player and said: “Regarding last year’s player, I would say we were a wealthy club. We are still looking for another position. Once that transfer is complete, we will close the transfer. There may be, we have an attractive offer for a last-minute transfer, but we are still negotiating for the position.”

Pointing out that they are aiming for success in the European Cup, Otyakmaz said they have assembled a team that can compete in all three lanes of the League, Europe and the Zilat Turkish Cup.

Thoughts on new transfer

Midfielder Clinton Enzier said he will do his best for the red and white team, adding: “Sivasspor won the Turkish Cup last year and shows how successful this club is. It’s been years in the European Cups. , the team and the club are very good and I believe that with the support of the fans, we can achieve the success we need.”

Defender Murat Palli also said he was happy to be part of the red-white team.

Midfielder Kalis Kalisis thanked those who contributed to the transfer and said: “I will try to give my best and play with 100% performance. Most importantly tomorrow against Malmö will be very important for us. It’s an important game and we’re staying.” Group if you win. ‘ made that assessment.

Midfielder Dia Saba also mentioned playing a very important match in the European Cup tomorrow, saying: “Unfortunately I can’t play. But I will be with the combined team. I will I always do.I wish my teammates the best of luck.I came to this club to work hard.I will do my best.”

Robin Yalchin, meanwhile, said he was happy to wear the red and white jerseys again and that he sees the club as family.

Karol Angelski also said he was delighted to join Sivasspor: “This is the first time I have played for a club far from my home country. I am going through the adaptation process. I will do my best. It is,” he said. Complete this process as soon as possible for your team. ‘ issued a statement.

Kader Keita, meanwhile, has expressed his desire to stay in the group after winning against Malmö.