Day 32 of the war | Russia occupies the Ukrainian city of Slavutych

The hot war between Russia and Ukraine has entered its 32nd day. While mutual criticism from the United States and Russia continued, there was a violent explosion in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. Today, the news of a new aggression has arrived. Yuryi Fomichev, the mayor of the city of Slavutych in Ukraine, has announced that the city is occupied by Russia as of today. Motzuyanik, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, said Ukrainian soldiers had repelled Russian troops with the aim of entering Kyiv, about 70 kilometers from the capital.


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It is the 23rd day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has been going on for days.

The hottest development yesterday was a violent eruption in Lviv. Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy attacks fuel tank. He said Russia did it to give a message to US President Joe Biden, who was visiting Europe. At a press conference after the explosion ended early with the sound of sirens, participants went to a safe place.

US President Joe Biden continued his message to Russia. He described Putin as a “butcher,” and Biden sent a message to the Russian people saying, “For God, this man should not be in power.”

Russia did not remain silent on Biden’s remarks on this point. In a statement by Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, “This decision is not Biden’s decision. The Russian president is elected by the Russians. Such personal insults are bilateral with the United States. “Narrowing the relationship,” he continued, reminding him of past statements about Biden’s Yugoslavia. Biden said, “In the end, this guy wants to bomb Yugoslavia while talking on TV. That is, he wanted to bomb Yugoslavia and kill the people there. So it’s very strange to hear him. These words from the mouth of. “

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are ongoing. No statement has yet been made about the “end of the war” that the world’s public has been waiting for. The remarks of Russian Vladimir Medinsky and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who spoke about the negotiations yesterday, mean that the negotiations will continue. “The conditions are fair,” said Medinsky, the Russian representative of the meeting, “we are approaching reconciliation with the Ukrainian delegation on secondary issues, but no progress has been made on important issues.” It must be. Otherwise, the Ukrainian people will definitely not accept it. “

Slavutych city under Kyiv occupation

Today, Ukrainian Mayor Slavutych, Yuryi Fomichev, announced that the city is occupied by Russia as of today.

“Russian troops have been pushed back 70 kilometers from Kyiv,” said Alexander Motuyanik, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

On the 32nd day of the war, significant progress was made:

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16.30 Ukraine: Kharkov nuclear facility bombed

Ukrainian nuclear regulatory inspectors have announced that the Kharkov city’s nuclear facility has been bombed again by Russian troops. “The neutron source nuclear facility has been bombed again. It is impossible to determine the extent of the damage caused by non-stop collisions in the area,” the statement said.

13.00 Ukraine: Russian troops lost 16,600 soldiers, 121 aircraft, 127 helicopters, 582 tanks

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has released information on the defeat of the Russian Army from February 24th to March 27th.

Therefore, 16,600 Russian soldiers attacking Ukraine were killed, 121 aircraft, 127 helicopters, 582 tanks, 1664 armored vehicles, 294 cannons, 93 rocket launch systems, 52 Russian air defense systems have been destroyed.

The Russian army also lost 1144 vehicles, seven ships and lightweight speedboats, 73 fuel vehicles and 56 drones.

02.40 Zelensky says he wants only 1 percent of NATO planes and tanks

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he needed only 1% of NATO-owned planes and tanks and was waiting for this aid for 31 days. I used the phrase.

Zelenski spoke to NATO and Russia in a video message he shared.

Zelensky renewed his call to Western countries to send heavy weapons to protect Ukraine from Russia, saying, “(In the case of Ukraine and Europe) the price that offers this security is very clear. Airplanes, tanks, air defense systems. These are just dust. They are collectors and are owned by our partners. Ammunition. “

Zelensky said he needed only 1% of NATO’s aircraft and tanks, “I don’t need any more, but I’ve been waiting for 31 days. So who will lead the Euro Atlantic community? Moscow? Still threatening? Is it being done? Partners need more aid to Ukraine. It’s the security of Europe, so it’s the partners who need it. ” He said.

Zelensky appreciated the meeting between the Ukrainian delegation in Poland and top U.S. executives, “discussing what is needed at the moment, how to deliver planes and other defense vehicles. Ukraine has pump action rifles and machinery. You can’t shoot Russian missiles in. Massive guns .. Without enough tanks and other armored vehicles and planes, it’s impossible to recapture Mariupol. “

Zelensky also called on Russian soldiers, saying that nothing they did in the city they temporarily occupied would not work.

Zelensky points out that there is only contempt and hatred for Russian troops in the city in question: “Turn off the TV, turn on the Moscow server campaign instead, and distribute propaganda leaflets and rubles. It’s not worth it. These don’t work. “

01.10 “More than 5,000 civilians evacuated in one day”

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Berestuk said in the last 24 hours that 5,208 civilians, primarily from Mariupol, have been evacuated to safe areas through humanitarian aid corridors.

Veres├žuk said in a statement on March 26 that 10 humanitarian corridors were working to evacuate civilians. Mr. Berestuk said more than 4,000 people had been evacuated in Mariupol’s city alone, noting that 5,208 civilians had been evacuated to safe places through the corridor in question.

01:00 Russia occupies the Ukrainian city of Slavutych

Yuryi Fomichev, the mayor of the city of Slavutych in Ukraine, has announced that the city is occupied by Russia as of today.

In a video message, Fomichev said Russian troops had received an ultimatum three days ago and surrendered the city without fighting. Nonetheless, noting that they firmly defended the city, Fomichev said, “But Slavutych is under occupation as of today.” He said.

Fomichev added that he is currently negotiating with the occupiers to evacuate people from the city.

Slavutych is known as the satellite city of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and is mainly home to engineers and specialists. ..

00.40 Ukraine: Russian troops repel 70 kilometers away from Kyiv

Aleksander Motzuyanik, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, reported that Ukrainian soldiers pushed back Russian troops in an attempt to enter Kyiv, about 70 kilometers from the capital.

Motzuyanik emphasized in his statement that Kyiv is well protected and its defense is being carried out by elite Ukrainian troops.

Motzuyanik said Ukrainian soldiers pushed back Russian troops 70 km away from the capital Kyiv, and in some areas the invaders retreated 35 km.

Ukrainian troops also reported today that they had retaken the city of Trostian in the Sumi region and the village of Portovka in the Zaporozya region from Russian troops.

Meanwhile, it was announced that fierce clashes continued in the city of Irpin near the capital Kyiv.

Mayor Irpin Aleksander Markushin said, “Enemy troops tried to attack Irpin from three directions, but the soldiers repelled these attacks.” He said.

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