Day 31 in Russia-Ukraine War: Curfew extended in Kyiv

The war between Ukraine and Russia continues on the 31st day.

According to the latest news from the region, Reuters reported an explosion in Lviv.

“There is a possibility of another bomb attack in Lviv. We will stay in the shelter,” said Andriy Sadoviy, Mayor of Lviv.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that Ukrainian military installations have been attacked by cruise missiles.

Kona Schenkov said yesterday that a high-precision cruise missile Kalibr was launched from the sea and destroyed the Ukrainian army arsenal in the Velikiye Korovnitsi settlement in the Zhytomyr region.

“We used a precision cruise missile Onyx to destroy a fuel base near Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine, which fuels Ukrainian military units,” said Kona Schenkov. I used the phrase.

Current ban re-extended in Kyiv

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which began on February 24, lasted for 31 days, but the curfew in the capital Kyiv was extended again. In a statement on this matter, Mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klichko, announced that the ban would begin today at 20.00 and continue until 07.00 on March 28. Possible conflicts between Russian and Ukrainian troops are cited as the reason for the curfew being declared in the Kyiv region.

Sharing information that the Russian air defense system shot down Ukrainian fighters and unmanned aerial vehicles, Konashenkov said: Separately, the Tochka-U missile system was destroyed in the Vasilyevka settlement. ” He said.

Ukraine: Russian attack kills 136 children

Russian military attacks in Ukraine have reportedly killed 136 children and injured nearly 200.

A statement by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s chief pointed out that Russian bombardment damaged 570 educational institutions, of which 73 were completely destroyed.

A statement states that since February 24, when Russia launched the attack, 136 children have been killed and nearly 200 have been injured.

“42 military vehicles of the destroyed Russian army”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in negotiations with Russia that he needed to guarantee his sovereignty and ensure territorial integrity. The Ukrainian Army General Staff reported that 42 military vehicles belonging to the Russian army were destroyed in one day.

“We need to speak in a results-oriented way.”

“Our heroic army has hit the enemy hard over the past week,” Zelenski said, adding that Russia’s casualties, including senior commanders, exceeded 16,000.

Zelensky repeated his call to meet Moscow. Ukrainian leaders said, “Our soldiers who stopped the Russian attack are turning Russian leaders into simple and logical ideas. We must speak. We are meaningful, We must speak in an urgent, fair and results-oriented manner. “

42 military vehicles of the destroyed Russian army

The Ukrainian General Staff has announced that nine Russian attacks have been successfully repelled in 24 hours.

The statement states that 170 Russian soldiers were killed and 42 military vehicles belonging to the Russian army were destroyed. It was said that the destroyed vehicles included three aircraft, three unmanned aerial vehicles, and eight tanks.

“7,331 people discharged from two humanitarian corridors”

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Vereshchuk, reported that two humanitarian corridors were in operation on the final day, and 7,331 Ukrainians were evacuated to safe zones through these corridors.

In his statement, Bereshchuk said that in this context, 6,800 people from Mariupol, with two humanitarian corridors operating in the cities of Mariupol and Melitopol, the war with Russian troops lasted for the past 24 hours. Evacuated to Zaporizhia, emphasizing civilians and 531 civilians from Melitopol.

Noting that their work in the humanitarian convoy continues, Vereșçuk has 80 tonnes of food, medicine and basic supplies to help the people of Mariupol in this context Berdyans’k and Melitopol. Said it was delivered to the city of.

Vereşçuk also said that attempts to evacuate Ukrainians in war-torn cities will continue on Saturday, adding that consultations will be held within this framework to evacuate civilians in the Mariupol, Kyiv and Luhansk regions.