Day 29 in Russia-Ukraine War … Ukrainian troops attack Russian landing ship

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which began on February 24, continues.

Russian troops’ advance in Ukraine has slowed. Russian troops, which appear to have limited operations on the ground, continue to attack Ukraine with cruise missiles from the Sea of ​​Azov and Sevastopol.

Ukraine: Russian tank landing ship

According to a statement from the Ukrainian Navy, “The invader’s Black Sea Fleet’s large tank landing ship’Orsk’was destroyed in the occupied Berdyans’k port.”

Images of the ship’s burning and explosion at Berdyans’k port were also shared from the Ukrainian Navy’s Facebook account.

The Pentagon has announced that Russia has lost 10 percent of its fighting power.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has announced that the towns of Macarin and Irpin near Kyiv have been retaken from the Russians.

Kharkiv City: 998 civil engineering buildings were hit

The destruction of many cities is increasing with the Russian attack on Ukraine. A statement was issued by the municipality regarding the destruction of the city of Kharkov, which was the target of the Russian bombing.

“A total of 1,143 points, including buildings, were bombed, of which 998 were civilian living spaces. The military, local forces, and civilians are defending Kharkov, if possible, volunteers,” the statement said. Repairs a damaged building. “

Meanwhile, a statement made earlier by the municipality states that about 15,000 people have lived in the Kharkov subway station since the Russian attack began.

“Russia did not siege Kyiv in a month.”

A statement from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army stated that Russia was unable to enter the administrative boundaries of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, besieged the city of Kyiv, and failed to fulfill its obligation to establish control of the left bank of Ukraine. ..

In a statement, it was pointed out that Russia did not abandon its attempts to resume the attack to occupy Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumi, Kharkov and Mariupol.

It was stated that Russian troops were being relocated to the Ukrainian border to improve the frontline situation.

It was recalled that in the last 24 hours, cannons attacked Karinovka, Golinka, Pusha Vodiza, Novie Petrovzi, Romanovka, and the northeastern part of the city of Kyiv.

Mariupol’s private infrastructure facilities were reported to continue to be exposed to air and artillery.

“Ukraine is just the beginning”

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine had never threatened the security of the Russian Federation and called on world opinion to stop the war. News details

Pointing out that the Russian war was not just a war against Ukraine, Zelensky continued:

“Ukraine territory is just the beginning for Russia. Russia is trying to deprive all people of Europe and the world of their freedom,” he said.

“We all have to stop Russia. We have to stop World War. We thank everyone who works to support Ukraine, but the war continues. The private sector,” Zelensky told world public opinion. The fear of people continues. It’s been a month. It’s been a long time. My heart, the hearts of Ukrainians, and the hearts of all people in the world. “” The hearts of free people are broken. So I I want you to oppose the war, “he said.

A building in a residential area in Kharkov, Ukraine, was attacked by Russia and damaged by artillery.
A building in a residential area in Kharkov, Ukraine, was attacked by Russia and damaged by artillery.

Who: 64 attacks on health centers

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that 64 attacks have been carried out at a medical center in Ukraine, where Russian attacks continue.

A written statement by the organization discussed the negative effects of the war on the Ukrainian health system.

It has been pointed out that the treatment process for many patients is interrupted due to the conflict line of nearly 1000 medical facilities nationwide.

Explanation from Viklov

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said, “Negotiations with Ukraine are difficult and Kyiv is constantly changing positions.” “Sending peacekeepers to Ukraine is a direct conflict between Russia and NATO. It could be connected, “he added.

Weapons worth € 346 million have been exported from Europe to Russia.
Weapons worth € 346 million have been exported from Europe to Russia.

Russia provides the United States with a list of “unwanted people”

After Russia attacked Ukraine, the United States (USA) expelled 12 Russian diplomats who worked for the UN Permanent Representative in New York.

Following this US decision, high-ranking officials were summoned from the US Embassy in Moscow in retaliation from Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that a memo was given to the U.S. diplomat summoned in a statement, “On March 23, a senior diplomat of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Moscow was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Washington as the Russian Permanent Representative. In response to the transfer of diplomats on duty, a memo was presented that was declared “Persona Non-Grata” and included a list of US diplomatic staff to be transferred.