Day 27 of the Russian-Ukraine War … Negotiations from Zelensky Comments: Very difficult and controversial

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which began on February 24, continues.

Airstrikes continue while Russia’s advance by land stops.

Negotiation message from Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said negotiations with Russia continued in a “difficult” and “controversial” way.

In a video he shared on the Telegram channel, Zelensky made a statement about negotiations with Russia and the evacuation of civilians from the conflict zone of his country.

“We continue to work at various levels to bring peace to Russia and end this brutal war,” Zelensky said of the negotiation process between Ukraine and Russia.

“Negotiations are very difficult and sometimes controversial, but they are moving forward in stages,” Zelensky said.

Over 7,000 civilians have been discharged from Marie Paule in the last 24 hours

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereshchuk has announced that more than 7,000 Mariupol residents have been evacuated during the day.

Vereşçuk shared information about the evacuation process of civilians from the place of conflict in Ukraine in an image published on social media.

“1100 Mariupol residents have been evacuated from the city of Beljansik, and 5,000,926 have been evacuated via the humanitarian corridor to The Polysia,” he said, saying he operates a humanitarian corridor to evacuate Mariupol’s residents. Arrived in the city. Mariupol’s city in a private car. “

Explanation from the Kremlin about the attack

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “The main purpose of the Russian army in Mariupol is to wipe out nationalist troops. No one expected a special military operation to last for several days. Is proceeding according to the Moscow plan. “

“Russia will only use nuclear weapons if the existence of nuclear weapons is threatened,” Peskov said. Click here for more news

Pentagon: Ukrainian war can win

John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesperson, said Russia could not achieve most of the strategic goals set in Ukraine and Ukrainian troops could win the war with Russia.

“Do you think Ukraine can win the war from a military point of view?” Asked a journalist. Kirby said, “Yes, I think. They are doing so. They are trying to regain the land occupied or occupied by the Russians. The Russians could not achieve the strategic goals they set. And it was certainly possible. I can’t reach the goal I achieved easily or without loss. The Russians have very strict defenses. “

“Two powerful bombs dropped on Mariupol”

Russian troops reportedly dropped two “very powerful bombs” on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

A statement made on the Mariupol City Council’s social media account stated that Russian troops dropped two very powerful bombs on Mariupol from the air, where Russian troops continued to attack. It suffered even greater destruction.

“Enemy continues to destroy the city of Mariupol in Ukraine in a sneaky way. The Russian Air Force has dropped two very powerful aerial bombs today. The city has been exposed to even greater destruction.” rice field.

White Home: Biden Announces New Sanctions in Europe

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has announced that President Joe Biden will announce new sanctions that will be applied to Russia over the Ukrainian War as part of its contact with Europe.

Biden will attend the NATO, G7, and European Union (EU) summit on Thursday, March 24, in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Click here for more news

Macron meets Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with French President Emmanuel Macron.

According to a statement from the Kremlin Palace, Putin and Macron had a telephone conversation, led by the French side.

During the meeting, the two leaders exchanged views on Ukrainian developments and negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian delegations.

Russia: 137 military infrastructure facilities destroyed in Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that 137 military infrastructure facilities have been destroyed in Ukraine in the last 24 hours.

In a statement in the capital Moscow, Igor Konashenkov, a spokesperson for the ministry, said Russian troops and the so-called separatist government of Donbus continued to move forward in Ukraine and dominate the settlements.

“The Ukrainian plane attack has destroyed 137 military infrastructure facilities in the last 24 hours,” Kona Schenkov said, pointing out that Russian troops continue to attack Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities. He said.

“To date, 230 unmanned aerial vehicles, 181 multi-barrel rocket launchers, 1528 tanks and various armored vehicles, 154 anti-aircraft missile systems, 602 Howitzers and assault guns, 1312 Ukrainian troops. The special military vehicle to which it belongs was destroyed, “Konaschenkov said.

The final version of the post-attack shopping mall in the Podilskyi district of Kyiv

“Kyiv’s shopping mall was shot because of a rocket launch.”

Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov reported that an inactive shopping center (AVM) in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, was attacked by long-range high-precision weapons due to the installation of a multi-barrel rocket launcher.

Konashenkov issued a statement in a video about a Russian military attack on a shopping center in Kyiv.

In the Vinograder region, outside Kyiv, Ukrainian armed groups have been hiding in homes for several days and have fired at Russian troops from a multi-barrel rocket system, Konashenkov said. A nearby shopping center was used as a large base for storing rockets and filling the multi-barrel rocket system. ” Said.

Koneshankov pointed out that Russian intelligence had confirmed the location of the Ukrainian military’s multi-barrel rocket system through several different routes: “An empty shopping center that was used as a warehouse on the night of March 21. The base multi-barrel rocket launch system and ammunition were stored, but were completely destroyed by long-range precision weapons. “

Ukraine has announced that eight people have been killed in an attack by Russian troops at a shopping center in the capital Kyiv.

Russia's progress in Ukraine continues.
Russia’s progress in Ukraine continues.

Ukraine: Thousands more civilians have been discharged in the last 24 hours

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereshuk said in a video message that seven of the eight humanitarian corridors approved for the evacuation of civilians on March 21 were functioning.

“Thirty-seven civilians have been deported from Mariupol to the city of Zaporojia,” said Vereshuk, who has been able to evacuate 8,57 people to safe places in the last 24 hours, despite various difficulties. 4,370 people have been evacuated from villages in the Kyiv region. “

Pentagon: Russia launches more than 1100 missiles

Pentagon officials have announced that Russia’s advance into Ukraine’s soil has almost stopped, but activity has been seen on Russian warships in the northern Black Sea.

Noting that progress in Russia’s ground operations has almost stopped, officials said Russian troops have been 15 kilometers north and 30 kilometers east of Kyiv since last week and have failed to make progress in these areas. rice field.

Officials said Russia has so far launched more than 1,100 missiles on Ukrainian territory.