Day 21 of the Russian-Ukraine War … Ukraine: Russian planes bombed a theater building where civilians were hiding

The Russian attack on Ukraine continues on the 21st day.

Russian army UkraineCapital of KyivThe intensity of the bombardment is increasing day by day as we approach. In Kharkov, where heavy bombardment continued, another attack was launched while efforts to evacuate those trapped in the buildings attacked by the Russians continued.

Russian troops in the suburbs of Kyiv, especially in the northwest Bucha Town and west ZhytomyrIt was reported that the collision intensified around the highway leading to.

At least 500 civilians have been reported to have been killed since the start of the occupation in the Kharkov region.

Daytime Russia When Ukraine Consecutive statements were made by.

“Russian planes bomb the theater building where citizens are hiding.”

Russian planes were reported to have bombed a theater building where hundreds of civilians were hiding in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine.

A statement from the Mariupol City Council in Ukraine pointed out that Russian planes bombed the Mariupol Theater, where hundreds of civilians were hiding, and emphasized that the number of people killed in the attack remains unspecified.

The statement said, “The plane dropped a bomb on a building where hundreds of Mariupol’s citizens were hiding. As the bombing of residential areas in the city continues, evaluates the consequences of this horrific inhumane act. You can’t do that yet. Part of the drama theater collapsed and the entrance to the building’s bomb shelter was blocked with debris. Information on this matter is currently being determined. “

“We don’t want to occupy Ukraine”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “I had to start a special operation against Ukraine,” and “I don’t want to invade Ukraine.”

“Special operations in Ukraine are proceeding as planned. Our troops have thwarted Ukraine’s plans to attack Crimea and Donbas,” said Vladimir Putin.

The Russian president said he was ready for the talks and said that all the objectives of the operation would be achieved.

“Sanctions have caused serious damage to the entire world economy. There will be food-related problems in the world,” Putin said.

“The new reality requires structural changes in our economy. These are not easy and lead to higher inflation and unemployment.

ZELENSKI seeks support from the United States

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who addressed members of Congress at a joint US Congress, called on the United States to help establish a no-flight zone over Ukraine and air defense systems such as the S-300.

Applauded by MPs at the beginning and end of his speech, Zelensky emphasized that his country is facing the most difficult times in history and said it needed the support of the entire free world, especially the United States. The government faced an attack on Russia.

“Currently, the fate of our country is determined by whether our citizens will be free and whether we can protect democracy,” Zelensky said. He said the war they fought should be seen as a war fought not only for Ukraine, but for all societies that believe in democratic values.

“Russian bomb Odessa”

Russian ships fired at Odessa, one of the least attacked cities in Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

In a statement on his social media account, Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko said the city of Odessa in Ukraine was bombed by a Russian ship over the Black Sea. “A few hours ago, a Russian Navy ship launched artillery and missiles in the coastal area from the village of Tasla in the Odessa region.” He was trying to test our defense system. They tried to land the sailors. I didn’t, “he said.

Meanwhile, in the city of Odessa, Ukraine, intensive preparations for Russians have begun, while both Ukrainian soldiers and civilians continue to build trenches from sandbags in the coastal areas of the city.

“A key issue for the United States is Ukrainian disarmament.”

“The key issues for us are the security of the people of eastern Ukraine and the disarmament of Ukraine,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov, “the United States will play a final role in determining the position of the Ukrainian authorities.” Added.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov said negotiations with Ukraine would be difficult, but there are expectations for an agreement.

Approximately 100 volunteers on the beaches of Odessa, Ukraine, under Russian attack, pack sand in bags to support road barricades.

“97 children die in Russian attack”

The Ukrainian Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that 97 children were killed in an attack by Russian troops between February 24 and March 15 in the Russian-Ukraine War.

A statement from the public prosecutor’s office stated that 97 children were killed and more than 100 were injured as a result of the Russian military attack in Ukraine.

“At least five children are killed daily in the bombing,” the statement said. The expression was used.

Disclosure of negotiations: We are looking at the possibility of trading

Finally, a Ukrainian statement on the negotiations said, “Negotiations with Russia are very difficult, but we see the possibility of an agreement.”

“There is a fundamental contradiction, but there is certainly room for compromise. We will continue to work in subgroups during the break,” said Mikhail Podryak, adviser to the Ukrainian Presidential Office. Go to news

Russia: Everyone is in full control

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that Russian troops have complete control over the Kherson region.

Zelensky: Sanctions did not end the war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the Russian attack killed 97 children. “Ukraine understands that there is no open door to NATO accession,” Zelenski said.

“Unfortunately, sanctions did not put an end to the war,” Zelensky told Parliament.

“All wars end with transactions”

“We all want peace to be established as soon as possible,” Zelensky said in a statement on his Telegram account at night.

Pointing out that the negotiations have ended the war, ensured a ceasefire, and continued to thwart Russia’s attacks, Zelensky called on everyone to wait patiently for the outcome of the dialogue, “This is important, difficult but important. Because all the wars are over. With agreement. The meeting continues. “

Called on the Russian people

In a speech, Zelensky addressed the Russian people, calling on Russian businessmen and citizens to oppose the war, saying that Russia would escape the war with great shame and poverty. Go to news

“Russian troops have lost 40 percent of their power.”

The Ukrainian General Staff claimed that 40% of the Russian Federation’s troops in Ukrainian territory had lost or were completely destroyed.

The statement emphasized that only seven Russian combat helicopters were destroyed during the final day of the collision in the Chernovaevka region of Ukraine.

Another journalist is the victory of the war

Journalists continue to be the target of Russian attacks

After US journalist Brent Renaud, American Fox News Channel photographer Pierre Zaklzevsky was also killed in the Horenka district on the outskirts of Kyiv.