Day 20 of the Russian-Ukraine War … 35-hour curfew in Kyiv

The war between Ukraine and Russia continues for the 20th day.

Finally, a curfew was declared in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The Mayor of Kyiv has announced that the ban will last 35 hours from tonight.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that all territories in the Kherson region of Ukraine were under control.

A provincial spokesperson, Igor Konashenkov, shared information about the war between Russia and Ukraine in a statement in the capital Moscow.

“All lands in the Kherson region are under Russian control,” Konashenkov said, saying that the so-called separatist governments of Russian troops and Donbas continued to move forward in Ukraine and dominate the settlements.

Sharing information about the weapons destroyed in Ukraine, Konashenkov said: It was destroyed. “

Konashenkov said the headquarters of foreign mercenaries in the Nizhnegorsk region were also confiscated.

Three EU Prime Ministers Visiting Kyiv

However, it was announced that the leaders of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia would go to Kyiv in solidarity with Ukraine on the mission of the European Union.

9 Humanitarian Aid Corridor Established

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereshuk reported that the creation of nine humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians was approved on March 15.

In a statement, Vereshuk said it was decided to open nine humanitarian aid corridors for the evacuation of civilians: “At the same time, dozens of tons of humanitarian aid cargo consisting of water, medicine and food will be in the Donetsk region. From the city of Beldiansk to Mariupol. The inhabitants of Mariupol will receive this assistance. We are waiting. “

Sharing information that humanitarian vehicles will evacuate women and children from Mariupol to the city of Zaporozie, Bereshuk also said that civilians from many villages in the Kib region would be taken to safe areas. ..

Ukraine: More than 13,500 Russian soldiersI die

Russian troops that attacked Ukraine were reported to have lost more than 13,500 soldiers.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army shared data on the loss of Russian troops from February 24th to March 15th.

Therefore, more than 13,500 Russian troops attacking Ukraine were killed, 81 Russian aircraft, 95 helicopters, 404 tanks, 1279 armored vehicles, 150 cannons, and 64. The rocket launcher system and 36 air defense systems have been destroyed.

The Russian army also lost 640 vehicles, 3 light speed vessels, 60 fuel vehicles and 9 UAVs.

Russian troops have announced that they have captured Kherson.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine has announced that nine humanitarian corridors will be opened within the scope of a temporary ceasefire agreement with Russia.

According to a statement from the Ukrainian Emergency Services, a 10-story apartment in the Podolsky district of the capital Kyiv was hit by a shell during an attack by Russians today.

As a result of the attack, 1-5 of the apartment. A fire broke out on the floor. Firefighters rescued one from a badly damaged apartment.

Meanwhile, a statement made on the Kyiv Oblast’s social media account said, “Sirens have been sounded in the capital. I want everyone to go to the shelter immediately.”

It was reported that three explosions were heard in the morning hours in various parts of the capital Kyiv.

However, Mariupol’s mayor’s adviser, Petr Andrewsichenko, said in his statement that the number of civilians killed in the city as a result of the Russian attack could approach 20,000. ..

“Data on civilian deaths are unknown. These figures were obtained from police and health agencies. As of yesterday, 1,800 children have died. More than 10,000 private citizens have died, Andryushchenko said in a statement. People have died, but this can reach up to 20,000 due to increased attacks and atrocities. “

Companies that impose sanctions on Russia
Companies that impose sanctions on Russia

“The funeral is buried in the garden.”

“The area where the graveyard is located is under Russian control, which is why we bury the bodies under streetlights and in the garden,” said Andrew Sichenko, who said the deceased could not be buried in the graveyard. Told.

Zelensky called on people

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia lost more people in Ukraine in 19 days than in Chechnya, which entered twice. Zelensky has announced that Russia has already lost 80 fighters, hundreds of tanks and thousands of equipment.

The Russian army pointed out that it did not expect such resistance, Zelensky said, “As before, the enemy was confused. They did not expect such resistance. But what they already did by the war We are also beginning to understand that we will not achieve it. We will ruin and use them to protect Ukraine. Today, the Russian army is actually one of our army’s equipment suppliers, “he said.

“More people will be lost from Chechnya”

Continuing his words, Zelensky compared the losses Russia suffered with the previous losses in Chechnya. He lost more people than he lost in two bloody wars, “he said.

Russia claims to have reproduced more than a thousand commodities from Syria

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claimed that Russia had recruited more than 1,000 mercenaries from Syria, and 400 of these soldiers were deployed on the Ukrainian border.

After Russia announced that it could bring 16,000 mercenaries from Syria to Ukraine in the past few days, the Ukrainian Department of Defense has recruited more than 1,000 mercenaries from Syria and 400 of these soldiers. People claimed to have been deployed on the Ukrainian border. ..

In a statement from the ministry, “According to the information obtained, more than a thousand people have been hired in the last few days. A mercenary recruitment center has been opened in Syria. About 400 people have come to Russia. The camp is in Ukraine. It was installed in the Lostov (Russia) and Gomel (Bellarus) regions near the border.

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