Day 17 of the Russian-Ukraine War: Russia Targets New Cities

Russia is expanding its military operations in Ukraine by targeting new cities. Ukrainian soldiers are struggling to repel Russian troops advancing toward the capital Kyiv.

After the second week of the occupation, the Ukrainian city of Dnipro was targeted by Russian troops for the first time. Officials have announced that airstrikes have taken place in three areas, including kindergartens. A fire broke out at the attacked shoe factory.

Rescue teams participated in rescue operations for buildings damaged by the Dnipro air raid.

Two military airports, Lutsk and Ivano-Frankovsk, were also hit by Russian airstrikes.People were urged to go to the shelter

Russia also bombed the town of Balisifka, east of Kyiv. Many buildings became unusable due to the attack on the village.

Airstrikes in Balisifka, east of Kyiv
Airstrikes in Balisifka, east of Kyiv

This time, the day after the children’s hospital was attacked in Mariupol, Russian troops attacked the settlement. Many buildings have been destroyed. The city’s fire department and university campus were also bombed.

Ukraine: 1582 civilian death in Mariupol in 12 days

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said a Russian attack on the city of Mariupol killed 1582 civilians in 12 days.

“The worst humanitarian disaster on earth is now happening in the besieged Mariupol. 1582 people died in 12 days,” Kleber said, saying Russian troops had besieged Mariupol and attacked civilians there. The dead were buried in a large number of graves. ” I used a phrase.

Many buildings were destroyed in Mariupol.
Many buildings were destroyed in Mariupol.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said the city was under constant bombardment and 48 schools were destroyed in the attack. The city’s mental hospital was also the target of the attack. It was announced that 330 people who were hospitalized at the time of the incident were in shelters.

The second largest city in Ukraine was the target of a Russian bomb.
The second largest city in Ukraine was the target of a Russian bomb.

Russian troops have been warned by three branches that they could siege the city of Odessa.

As the conflict intensifies, the Moscow administration has announced that it has decided to unilaterally open a humanitarian corridor to Russia every day.

Kindergarten shot in DNIPRO air raid

“Do everything to bring Belarus into the war”

There was an event to raise tensions on the Ukraine-Belarus line. Ukrainian officials claimed that Russian troops launched a deceptive attack on the village of Belarus while Lukashenko and Putin met in Moscow, and Russian planes fired at Belarus from Ukrainian territory.

“Russia is doing everything to bring Belarus into the war,” said Ukrainian Deputy Interior Minister, but Zelensky’s adviser described it as a “conscious provocation.”

“War has reached a strategic turning point.”

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine has reached a strategic turning point in the war, but cannot say how long the war will last. He pointed out that Russia had deployed Syrian mercenaries to Ukraine, and he also called for increased sanctions on Russia.

Russia: 3,346 military installations destroyed

The provincial spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said some settlements here are under control, stating that the so-called separatist governments of Russian troops and Donbas continue to move forward in Ukraine.

Kona Schenkov shared information about the weapons destroyed in Ukraine: “Since the start of the operation, 3,346 military infrastructure facilities in Ukraine have been destroyed. 121 unmanned aircraft (UAVs), 1067 tanks and various armored vehicles. , 114 multi-barrel rocket launchers, 412 Howitzer, and Howitzer, 862 civilian military vehicles were destroyed. “