Day 12 of the Russian-Ukraine War … Statement of ceasefire in four cities from Russia

Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues on the 12th day.

Russian troops are closer to the capital Kyiv than ever before. Finally, the Irpin settlement just outside Kyiv was bombed.

A statement from the Milepole City Council announced that the planned evacuation could not be achieved yesterday due to Russian bombardment.

Putin meets with the chair of the Council of the European Union

The Kremlin said in a statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President Charles Michel of the European Council (EU) in Ukraine. The Kremlin said Putin urged the EU to pressure Kyiv authorities to respect humanitarian law. At the same time, it was stated that the humanitarian aspects of the situation in Ukraine were discussed, and Putin informed Michelle of the talks Russia had with the Ukrainian national team.

MICHEL: EU member state applications to be considered in the coming days

Michelle announced that Ukraine’s application, which became a member of the European Union (EU) last week, will be evaluated within a few days.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials have announced that the Ukrainian Navy, which was defending Odessa, has targeted Russian warships.

The case of Ukraine against Russia in the International Court of Justice has ended. The International Court of Justice reported that the final decision would be made “as soon as possible.”

Ukrainian police reported that about 2,000 civilians had been evacuated from Irpin.

“Whether it will take a week or a month or more. I fully believe Ukraine will win,” said US Secretary of State Blinken. Click here to read more about the news.

Big truce

Russia has announced that it has declared a ceasefire at 10:00 Moscow time to evacuate civilians from the Ukrainian cities Kyiv, Mariupol, Kharkov and Sumi. The Russian Defense Ministry said evacuation is controlled by aerial UAVs. On the other hand, there was no information that evacuation had started at 10:15 am.

Regarding the Macron Putin Conference, the ministry said in a statement, “Making all the conditions for Ukraine to build a humanitarian corridor in a particular direction, and ensuring the systematic exit of civilians and foreigners. Demand. ” I made a statement. The ministry said a total of six humanitarian corridors would be opened.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian side has announced that negotiations with Russia are continuing. The Ukrainian side said, “As long as Russia believes in the advance of the army, it is impossible to create a humanitarian corridor.”

Zelensky from Putin in the murder

Ukrainian President Zelensky once again addressed the world.

He denied allegations that Russia had achieved its military goals and described the bombing of civilian settlements as “intentional murder.” He criticized the West for being unresponsive.

Hours before Zelensky’s remarks, news of heavy bombardment arrived from Kharkov, the country’s second largest city.

Weekend event attempts failed

Human tragedy continues in the South. Over the weekend, there were two attempts to evacuate civilians from the besieged Mariupol. The second attempt also failed.

600 missiles were launched

Pentagon officials said Russia has launched about 600 missiles so far.

Noting that 95% of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border are within the Ukrainian border, officials said they did not believe in amphibious attacks in and around Odessa.

Russia: Dropped 14 Ukrainian aircraft

The number of refugees migrating from Ukraine to neighboring countries is increasing day by day.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced the loss of aircraft belonging to the Ukrainian army. The ministry claimed to have shot down three Su-27s, one Su-25 fighter, two helicopters and eight unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to Ukraine.

Ukraine: Russian troops lost 40 soldiers and 11 vehicles

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Russian troops had lost about 40 soldiers and 11 military vehicles in a clash in the direction of Luhansk.

In a statement from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, the Ukrainian army continued to keep its position in the direction of Luhanks and damaged the enemy, but the Russian army had about 40 soldiers and 11 military vehicles as a result of some success. Counterattack by the army stated to have lost.

Russian troops besieged the cities of Kyiv, Kharkov, Chernihiu, Sumi and Mikolaiu, reached the administrative border between Luhansik and Donetsk regions, temporarily occupied Crimea in the direction of Mariupol-Novoazovsk, and Russian troops occupied the capital Kyiv. It was also stated that it began to accumulate the power to attack.

Explanation of the cause of the war

Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said the use of border country airports by Ukrainian military aircraft was accepted as the involvement of these countries in armed conflict, “We flew Ukrainian military. I know for sure about the aircraft. I used to go to Ukraine and other border countries. “

Claims that “radioactivity” is planned from Russia

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Ukrainian intelligence was preparing for the possibility of a radioactive provocation in Kharkov.

A statement from the ministry alleged that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Azov Battalion had planned to blow up the reactor at the experimental nuclear facility at the Kharkov Institute of Physical Technology, where the collision had occurred. Between Russian troops and Ukrainian troops.

“Russian troops will be accused of launching missile attacks on experimental nuclear facilities,” the statement said.

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