“Dark clouds” do not disperse on the “blue” side of London-TRTSpor


With the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup championships over the past nine months, the ever-increasing brilliance of Stamford Bridge remains behind a dark cloud of sanctions decisions, loss of sponsors, and bank account freezes. I did.

After Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, the British government’s sanctions on seven oligarchs, including Roman Abramovich, have driven Chelsea, owned by Russian billionaires for 19 years, into great uncertainty.

I can’t get fuel

Chelsea, who are paid and have the right to participate in the league with a special government-granted license, are prohibited from transferring, signing new contracts, selling tickets, and generating income from licensed products.

In addition to all this, the freezing of Barclays bank accounts and credit cards belonging to the club made it impossible for “Bruce” to get fuel for the team bus.


After the sanctions, the fact that Chelsea was only allowed to spend £ 20,000 away games led to a social media joke that teams going to Lille in the Champions League should use steamships this week. ..

Chelsea, who is third in the Premier League and is opening the door to the quarterfinals in the UEFA Champions League, is trying to provide the best conditions for the club’s activities to continue meeting with the government.

“The Chelsea story has lessons for every team.”

Matt Rogan, a sports strategy consultant and author of the book All to Play For, evaluates the developments of Anadolu Agency, where uncertainty can cause players to leave the team and reduce the value of the club. He said that wouldn’t benefit anyone.

Crisis often connects teams in special ways, Logan said. “Chelsea needs cash flow to stay open until a buyer is found and the transaction is closed. It’s insane for the government to prevent this. Chelsea could be sold for £ 2-3 billion. If the government gets this money, it will be donated to a charity. Manage the club in a way that jeopardizes this positive outcome. “There is no room for defense.” He said.

All the events of the last 15 days have shown positive changes in professional sports, Logan said:

“Don’t waste a good crisis. Chelsea’s story teaches all teams. As a result of the last few weeks, we’ll have more control over ownership and fan involvement in decision making. For example, Chelsea fans are from the government. If a sale occurs, they claim the club’s “golden stake.” I think this will happen as the government recommends this exactly in the reviews. Ironically, we find that the Chelsea club we purchased has a football case study structure that better reflects the future of professional football. “

Have you just noticed the relationship between Putin and Abramovich?

The proximity of Vladimir Putin-Roman Abramovich, which was ignored during the period when Chelsea won a total of 19 trophies and the star’s name was added to the team with a record transfer without hesitation, was suddenly on the agenda.

“Will the relationship between football and money change in England?” To the question “Soccer memory is very short” Those who quickly point out that the Saudi Arabian consortium has acquired Newcastle United have stated that, despite all the reactions and six months of review, they “have received the necessary warranty.”

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference about the silence of past fans and football. “Did you care when Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea? Did you really care when Newcastle United bought Chelsea? It’s clear where the money came from. Everyone knows it. We were, but we admitted it. It was our fault. “ He responded to his words.

Sponsor income is on hold and club is bleeding

Following a government sanctions decision, Three and Hyundai have suspended their sponsorship agreement with the London team.

Mobile network provider Three, who asked Chelsea to remove the jersey logo, signed a £ 40m annual deal with the club.

Nike, which has signed an annual contract with “Mabiler” worth £ 60 million, remains silent. Experts point out that this is a license agreement, not a sponsorship, and is more difficult to terminate than other agreements.

Will the team dissolve?

The transfer to Chelsea and the new contract ban threaten the risk that Antonio Rudiger, Cesar Azpilicueta and Andreas Christensen could have a domino effect on the team as the contract expires this summer.

Danish defender Andreas Christensen has partnered with the Spanish team Barcelona, ​​but capital representatives cannot activate the plus one-year option on the Azpilicueta contract.

Belgian star Romelu Lukaku, who had problems with coach Thomas Tuchel, was rumored to be leaving the team, and there were allegations that some soccer players had contacted a lawyer about the termination of the contract.

Delayed sales increase the risk to the trustee.

If your bank account is frozen and the Chelsea crisis with a monthly salary of £ 28m cannot be resolved in the short term, you may face the penalty of appointing a trustee to your club and removing 9 points.

Abramovich, deprived of all club authority by Premier League management, is demanding £ 3 billion from new buyers, including a £ 1.5 billion loan to the London team. It has been commented that this number will fall due to progress over the last 15 days.

No official statement has been issued by the government or Abramovich, but both appear to be giving a green light for the sale.

A sale was scheduled for this week prior to the sanctions decision.