Dangerous offer from America to Turkey! If this happens, Moscow will consider it the reason for the war and Turkey will be dragged into the war.

During Russia’s war with Ukraine, Turkey was proposed to provide Ukraine with an S-400 defense system. This was purchased from Russia. Experts said that if such a thing happened, a war would break out between Turkey and Russia. Experts who focused on timing as a psychological warfare said this would be a big problem.


Experts commented on the proposal of former CIA Director Paul Colve in an article written in The Wall Street Journal. “Turkey should send the S-400 to Ukraine and the United States should return it to Turkey for the F-35 project.” Experts stated that the proposal would drag Turkey into the war, “Moscow will take this stage. I see it as the reason for the war. “

The allegations that the United States proposed to provide Ukraine with a Turkish S-400 air defense system purchased from Russia were not considered realistic by military experts and defense analysts, but such measures have been taken. “War Ankara”.

It was alleged that media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal presented to the Ankara administration a new proposal for the S-400 air defense system, which is a topic of bilateral relations issues, by referring to sources from the US administration. Writers Paul Colve and Reuters. Reportedly; according to a contract signed by Turkey in April 2017, two S-400 systems could be sent to Ukraine with four batteries purchased from Russia for $ 2.5 billion, all in 2021. A proposal was submitted to arrive in the country in September. agenda.

Turkey cannot sell S-400 during the war
In response to VOA Turkey’s question, military experts and defense analysts pointed out that Turkey could certainly not sell the S-400 air defense system to Ukraine for use against Russia during the war, Moscow. Will accept this as the reason for the war.

Former Lieutenant General Ismail Hack Pekin, who was the General Manager of the Turkish Army (TSK), evaluated this claim and focused on the “timing” aspect, noting it as a “psychological warfare.”

Retired Brigadier General Ali Ah, who also worked for NATO on behalf of TAF, commented that if the Ukrainian option was offered by a US state, it could only be relevant to conspiracy theory, which drags Turkey. To the war commented that it could be an attempt.

Defense analyst Hakan Kurchi noted that Turkey would intervene militarily in the shipping process and would not allow it, noting that Turkey could be prosecuted in terms of international law.

It hurt Turkey negotiations
Retired Lieutenant Ismail Hack Pekin reminded his evaluation in VOA Turkish of the contact information of Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman in Ankara on March 6, a claim two weeks after this visit. He paid attention to the fact that it was taken up by the US press. ..

Probably the reason for the war

“I think it’s interesting,” Beijing said. This claim is interesting in terms of timing, about two weeks after the visit, when US Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Sherman stated that the S-400’s problems had to be resolved and removed from the shelves. Even the allegations of sending the S-400 system to Ukraine can adversely affect relations between Russia and Turkey. In this situation, the allegation that this was discussed with the United States is a damaging factor in negotiations with both sides of Turkey. In a war situation, such a move can even be accepted as the reason for the war by Russia, “he said.

Turkey continued to open its territory, emphasizing the application of the Montreux Convention to both Russia and Ukraine with respect to the straits, and Turkey is trying to follow such a balanced policy regarding the war on the Black Sea. He said nothing was seen. Realistic claim. “Turkey cannot accept it,” Beijing said, in response to the possibility that the United States would officially propose to sell the S-400 system to Ukraine. The air defense system, it advanced the argument that it cannot be used against Russian aircraft. However, while the interface program changes will allow it to be used on Russian planes using computer technology, the claim suggesting that it can be sold to Ukraine is of course interesting. I am thinking of this promotion. Psychological warfare is a new continuation of intelligence warfare due to information pollution. “

Turkey is a state in the heart of America To the future Despise
In his statement to VOA Turkish, retired Brigadier General Ali Ah suspiciously said, “Is it done in the spirit of the state of the United States, or to draw attention to another point within its scope? I don’t know if it took place. Keeping in mind that this claim of information warfare within the scope of the CIA’s psychological operations should be clarified by U.S. authorities, Er has brought the S-400 system to Turkey. Regarding the offer to sell, he turned his attention to the information he provided to the CIA in the resume of Wall Street Journal writer Paul Kolbe, called “ridiculously illogical.”

Citing the US “Aspirin Treatment” view of weapons aid to Ukraine, Er is a “strength” in the possibility of using the S-400 system in this region for Russian cruise missiles, especially ballistic missiles. Yes, and therefore see this claim as follows: There is a problem in all respects. The United States has stated that it can propose sending the S-300 system to Ukraine for the S-300 system in the hands of Bulgaria, Slovakia and Greece, and Er also said that only if NATO determined a common mental mechanism. He said this is possible.

Ali Er said: “All NATO sources know that the S-300 has not yet been integrated into the TMD (Territory Missile Defense) missile shield system, but an analog system, a system that can be used as a” stand-alone “. Therefore, although it is possible for the S-300 to be given to Ukraine as a weapons aid, NATO must evaluate the results with a common mind, “he said.

If the United States made such a proposal to Turkey, he said, “It should not be realized without NATO’s co-determination, even if it is not logical.” Reasons for exclusion from membership.

Recalling the “end-user” requirements for a military agreement, Er stated that Turkey could not provide Russia with an S-400 air defense system to other countries due to the terms of the agreement. Well, “Russian President Vladimir Putin or the Russian side has made a very clear statement.” All ammunition and weapons supplies to Ukraine will be legitimate military targets. ” When Turkey gives this, there is no doubt that it will be a country open to Russian attacks. Now, those who say this confronted Turkey with Russia, and when Turkey’s defense was on the agenda in accordance with NATO Article 5, “Sorry, you did this as the Republic of Turkey. We did this with you. Can’t be together. Are they ready to say for such provocative actions that are not part of NATO’s decision mechanism? Is this a roadmap for Turkey to withdraw from NATO? Therefore, I don’t even want to think that such a ridiculous, irrational offer was made by a US state, but the saddest thing is this: Turkey is in a pointless debate. The next few days. So, instead of talking about the balance of security in the region, we are facing the risk of a war that will radically change the balance of security in all regions. “This war will spread to this region and NATO. The risks are higher than ever, “he said.

“Russia will destroy it, it is not only theoretical but practically impossible”

Defense analyst Hakan Kılıç emphasized in his assessment of VOA Turkish that the document “End User” would lead to compensation for the International Court of Justice in The Hague and Turkey, along with a social media post on this claim in the US media. did. Turkey said it would destroy the S-400 during a military transfer and implement it within 24 hours at the latest: “Russia does not hesitate to make sacrifices in this regard. -Does not tolerate US special forces soldiers in the area to investigate the 400. Turkey, two battery S400s because the runway was bombed and the cessation did not provide a safe aerial corridor. How do you deliver it? It’s not only theoretical, it’s actually impossible. “

The “aggressive neutrality” policy followed by the Ankara administration would end if the alleged decision to transport to Ukraine was made, Kılıç said. I don’t know officially, but to see it and see it announced. ” Turkey is not going to send it anyway, but what is Ukraine’s need if Turkey is trying to commit suicide in terms of politics, arbitration / compensation and military? If there is a sale, let Turkey sell it to the United States. We can buy it and make a profit. For review and educational purposes, the United States requests purchases by paying in excess of the purchase price. Meanwhile, Turkey has no conservative authority, so US delegations cannot conduct inspections in Turkey. If you do not open the S-400 system and enter the software, it will be garbage. Russians will also understand this at a glance and will cause a huge political crisis between Turkey and Russia. In short, no one in Turkey allows this. “

“The S-400 system in peacetime can be effective against Russian planes, for example, it can shoot down Russian planes across borders, but Russia is unique,” said Kılıç. It’s very easy to confuse creating an algorithm with a radar. The question “Can it be used against the United States at the time of purchase?” Also applies to the Russian S400 system.