“Dam Overflow” warning from 0054SK0054!The latest status of the dam

Flash Warning from 0054SK0054: Our 5 dams are flooding!

Breaking News … Rain and snowfall in Istanbul over the last few weeks has increased dam occupancy to record levels. The total occupancy of the dams in Istanbul has increased to 86%, but the Elmalı, Kazandere and Istrancalar dams have overflowed.

Risky dreams if the dam overflows

According to the latest DHA news and data; Alibeyköy is 80 percent, Büyükçekmece is 86 percent, Ömerli is 90 percent, Pabuçdere is 95 percent and Terkos Dam is 82 percent full.

90CM from TERKOS overflow

90 cm until the Telkos dam overflows. A stream was also announced that was at risk if the dam was flooded.

Raif Mermutlu, General Manager of the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Authority (0054SK0054).


When the Ömerli dam overflows, the Riva Stream poses a risk, when the Darlık dam overflows, the Şile Pot Stream, and when the Alibeyköy dam overflows, the Alibeyköy Stream and the Elmalı dam pose a risk to the Göksu stream.

Important notice to וSTANBULERS

At the last minute, Raif Mermutlu, General Manager of the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Authority (0054SK0054), warned the public and emphasized that they should not be on the riverbed.

“If the TERKOSDAM is 90 cm or more, the water goes to the Black Sea.”

“There is no water problem this year,” said Raif Mermutlu, general manager of 0054SK0054, partly due to dam occupancy and dam overflow. “Currently in the water intake structure of the Telkos Dam. High occupancy. There is 90 cm of empty space left. When 90 cm is filled, this place overflows. When it overflows, there is no danger of flooding. This place. Because it faces the Black Sea.

The Terkos Dam is the second largest source after the Ömerli Dam, but the largest source on the European side. Apart from its own basin, it also replenishes water from five Strandjalar dams. Use this as a transition. From here, water is supplied to the treatment plant via the Terkos-וkitelli and Terkos-Kağıthane lines. After being purified, give water to the city. “

“We think the dams will overflow, don’t look at the riverbed.”

“There is no water problem this year. This is an important occupancy. I think most dams will be flooded in the next few days. 100% full in a few days,” said Melmutl, who said snowfall would flood most dams next week. There will be snow this weekend. It will be raining next week. If a dam occurs, I think most dams will overflow.

“We warned the people in the area.”

Some dams are at risk. There is no water on the riverbed of the floodplain, but when the dam floods, water flows into these rivers. Warn the locals. “Don’t let them be found in streams or riverbeds, as there is no mechanism to contain them in the event of a sudden flood,” he said.

“Five dams, Erumari, Kazandele, and Strangers, carry it.”

Explaining data on the final occupancy of the dam, Mermutlu said, “El Maldam, Kazandele Dam, and Istrancalar carry five dams. The Papuçdere Dam reaches 95% occupancy and this location overflows. The occupancy rate of 90% has been reached. Ömerli Dam. “The occupancy rate of the Terkos Dam is 82%. The occupancy rate of the Büyükçekmece Dam is 86%. The occupancy rate of the Alibeyköy Dam is 80%,” he said. rice field.

“Our water storage is full, so driving it anywhere is not a problem for us.”

Melmtor describes a stream that is at risk if the dam overflows: “If the Omerli Dam overflows, the Riva River can be at risk. If the Darlik Dam overflows, there is a risk to the Silepot Stream. If the Alibeyköy dam overflows and the Elmalı dam overflows on the Alibeyköy stream, the Göksu stream is at risk.

What we call overflow is the sudden formation of a water load in a stream after the dam is filled when there is no water in the bed. This water cannot be moved elsewhere because the reserve is full. Only when there is debris on the riverbed we clean it and pave the way for water. These warnings are given every 3-5 years. Oral and written warnings to local gendarmerie, gendarmerie and local governments. “