Dalaman is getting a lot of attention in sports tourism

Mustafa AKIN / Dalaman, (DHA) Mugla’s Dalaman district has been the focus of recent investments in sports tourism. Many branch organizations such as cycling, kiteboarding, windsurfing, sea kayaking and especially golf are held in Dalaman. Hilton Dalaman, which aims to be comparable to Alasati and Akyaka, especially in wind sports, while also receiving the title of bicycle-friendly, has attracted the attention of athletes.
Tunç Batum, general manager of Hilton Dalaman Saligerme, emphasized the need to increase tourism diversity: “The value of the sports tourism industry in 2016 was $ 1.41 trillion. This figure was 5 by the end of 2023. Expected to exceed $ trillion. Turkey needs to increase. O Therefore, we need to increase investment in this context. Sports tourism is 12 months instead of a specific month of the year. It is true that alternative tourism investment also needs to increase each year. As a tourist of the sea and the sun. In this context, those who diversify their investment win. We are always alternative tourism. We are striving to diversify. We have invested in it, “he said.
“In this context, we worked with Özgür Ceylan, the founder of the Explore Muğla organization. At the 2024 Paris Olympics, 40% of all surfing medals were received,” Batumi said, noting that sports tourism is also diversifying. It will be surfing. Due to our meteorological and geographical suitability, these branches can be held for 12 months, while Hilton Daraman has completed candidates for domestic and international races at these branches. We have installed a kiteboard, windsurf and sea kayak. The club and training center will be serviced by international standards in March. With new investment it will be comparable to Alaçatı and Akyaka. Last year it is suitable for cycling. Acquired the title of hotel. Provides comfortable alternatives indoors and outdoors. Cycling and walking routes created in different difficulty levels. Also, Hilton Daraman guests will receive Shimano’s new generation of electric bikes. In connection with this, Batumi showed a keen interest in the hotel for bicycle-friendly guests, despite the pandemic, “people who came to our area last year saw them.” I was surprised at the new route. This year, new guests, both they and us are bike-friendly, are already asking for a reservation. ”
“We are planning to run a 27-hole golf course.”
Recalling that the Dalaman region is popular with British tourists, Tunç Batum said, “We have a golf project. We plan to have a 27-hole golf course. We aim to start investing in golf later this year. A project carried out by the Ministry of Tourism, which aims to make the area a golf and vacation destination. “We are supporting this project with all NGOs and municipalities. In the near future. , This place can be considered a smaller place, but a higher quality version of Berek. ”
EMSTRUCT NMÜFTÜOĞLU: Seeds seen in the past are trying to grow fruit
Emin Müftüoğlu, President of the Turkish Cycling Federation, saw a sample of a bike-friendly hotel and said, “Thanks to the efforts of the hotel manager, hotel owner and Shimano. Sport tourism is very important to me. We have a big dream. Start with and see it spread all over the country when it comes today. The seeds planted in the past have grown and will now bear fruit. Without anyone knowing to the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Thanks to Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu for supporting sports tourism and to our Minister of Tourism for working hard on this issue. Thanks to the Minister of Tourism for setting the $ 4 billion goal over the next 10 years. .bicycle.”
CEYLAN SENSOY: DALAMAN, ORTACA, KOYCEGIZ has a wide range of products and routes
CeylanŞensoy, Product Marketing Director of the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), said: As a History, Culture and People Development Agency, we consider all the points of this unique Anatolian geographic mountain, village, stream, beach, and the stratified history we started in Şanlıurfa dating back to 12000. For years, we have mandated that it be communicated to the world as a tourism product, and as a locomotive to date, a tourism called the sea, sand, and sun. 60% of the coastline is covered with forests, mountains, areas and rivers, and in particular these tourist products are all made in large quantities, such as windsurfing, skiing, mountaineering and cycling in the sea. The ancient city of Kaunos, especially geographically, is very close to us. I have a very rich historical geography, behind which are the myriad traces of the Kalia civilization. Established with the support of Shimano as one of the major hotels since the two-year certification of bicycle-friendly hotels began here, the Bicycle Park not only passes through the bicycle area within the boundaries of the hotel, but also Daraman. , From Alterja, the woodlands of the Keisegis region, ancient cities, around lakes, and hot spring water. There are different products and routes. “He said.
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