Cuneyt Cakir’s reaction from FIFA and UEFA!Obviously behind the scenes

According to the daily Milliyet news, Collina, chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee, called Junet Chakir, who was removed from the Super League team after the operation of MHK, and asked about the progress. In response to this situation, UEFA officials said they were “shocked” by Servet Jardinchi, vice chairman of the Football Association.

The “manipulation of referees” by the Central Arbitration Commission, which caused the quake in Turkish football, had a major impact on FIFA and UEFA. Pierluigi Collina, chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee, called Junet Chakir, who was excluded from the team, and asked, “What’s happening there?” She expressed her surprise. An experienced referee told Collina that some senior referees did not know the reason for the decision and were waiting for an explanation.

No exercise test

Chakir, who was to take part in a World Cup nominated referee’s fitness test 15 days later, ruled out the possibility of going to a tournament in Qatar in 2022 due to uncertainties after development. There is a possibility. The decision remains the same. Had Junate Chakir had the right to manage the match at the World Cup, he would have won the title of the world’s first referee in three consecutive tournaments.

“What’s behind this”

The UEFA senior management also contacted the TFF and received the information. Officials who met with Vice-Chairman Servet Jardinci said he was “shocked”, especially for Junate Chakir, Ali Parabik and Abdulkadir Vitigen’s FIFA licenses. .. They asked a question. Meanwhile, the assistant said there was nothing behind the decision and that MHK took this step in line with performance and rejuvenation criteria.

Resignation is in your pocket

The decision that rocked Turkish football was alleged to have caused serious discomfort to the Central Referees Commission. It turns out that members who disagree with the operation may resign within a few days, and the existence of MHK could be open for discussion.

Calcaban rested

The Super League referee, who was removed from the classification nine weeks before the end of the league, and some names in the current classification have decided to act jointly.

It turns out that Mete Kalkavan, who responded at a seminar held at RIVA yesterday, Tariq Ongun, who has been an assistant to Junate Chakir for many years, and Baatin Durand will not find employment until the end of the season.

Other referees who were disturbed by the development were alleged to join Kalkavan, who left the hall after a speech by MHK President Ferhat Gündoğdu on the matter.

The “reasonable decision” will be decisive for the referees who will decide the roadmap after the statement of the Federation and MHK.

The arbitration committee becomes active first, and then the legal channel becomes active. Material and moral compensation is also on the agenda.

Deferred operation

It turns out that the radical decision made by the Central Arbitration Commission was actually planned during half-time of the league, but then MHK President Serdar Tatlı opposed it. Tuttle was reported to have declined requests from club and federation management in the process leading up to his resignation.

The club association decided not to “talk” about the referee until the end of the first half, but some referees from the federation took the floor to withdraw from football, but the operation was postponed due to Tuttle’s resignation. It was pointed out that

“Unnecessary” request

The change in the MHK order last October created the infrastructure for a fundamental decision three days ago by giving the board the right to make classification decisions during the season. The club association issued a statement declaring that it had nothing to do with the problem, It was stated that the TFF management was informed of the five club’s “undesirable” demands from the Super League for some referees. It was emphasized that the list containing important names such as Genet Chakul, Ali Parabic, Flat Aidunus and Abdulkadir Vitigen was published after being approved by the Commonwealth.