Critique of the referee from Cihat Arslan-TRTSpor

Cihat Arslan, who struggled in the league and started working for the yellow-black team in the 28th week, evaluated the team’s situation, goals for the rest of the week, and the Turkish Football Federation’s (TFF) decision. ) Central Referee Board (MHK) about referees.

Arslan said he should stay with the organization, even if he has weeks left until the end of the league.

He said he didn’t make a career plan, Arslan said. “I’m having trouble playing Turkish football. I want to do the right thing to reflect the requirements of my obligations on the field. I’m more motivated by these feelings and that’s me. Is the way I came to the team. I’m trying to reflect this positive situation for the team. Whether it’s training or a personal meeting, I want to reflect them correctly. I want to reflect that. We try to manage. In short, we work with love. ” He said.

“Yesterday 5 players didn’t train more than 2-3 today.”

Arslan said he considered the team “a little indignation” when he took office and continued as follows:

“I was a little sad because there was a team that gave up. It was a team that gave up immediately and gave up immediately. We had a good time in the Adana Demirspors game and understood each other better. Good in the Altai game. The results were obtained, but there were two important factors that influenced us: one was the injury of Rahman Bugla Chaulan, the suspension of Saduk Chiftnal, and the trouble with the local players. Good, but a little more referee and VAR came to the fore that day. Yesterday, I looked at the match again and analyzed it. I still don’t believe the position was a penalty. No. Of course, I took a break there. That break is reflected in the team as of today. Yesterday, five players lost 2-3 today. He hasn’t practiced yet. It’s a bit psychological, so I quit and give up. But we never give up. Whoever we train, it’s to give up. Continue. He may be demoted and he may be demoted. It may stay, but while we are suffering from this, both the player and us must be on the field with all our might to respect our work. , We need to be ready in the field while the struggle continues. “

“The president asked the team to withdraw from the field in the Altay match.”

Cihat Arslan explained that he thought he had suffered an injustice in the Altai match. “There were many refereeing mistakes against Yeni Malatyas Paul in the first half. Last week, goalkeeper Elta Sozville said,” Welcome to Malatya, refereeing mistakes. ” This is now inherent in children. Of course, the person managing the institution needs to consider this issue more seriously. The president wanted the team to withdraw from the field in the Altai match. This is not true and I said football would end on the field. , I have to watch the game and the general public appreciates it, so I decided to continue. “ Explained his experience.

“Let’s make them transparent”

Regarding the TFF Central Arbitration Commission’s decision on the referee, Arslan said:

“Of course, I think this is a matter of both sides. There is a right to answer among those who have been dismissed, because there is a dismissal or the institution needs to explain why these professors were dismissed. We did that, so if anything happens, we should share it with the general public. I think everyone should have the right to defend when normal democracy works. You get the same criticism and the other side answers. This is not a problem that can be solved by silence. Time can do it. We fully trust our institution and we stand behind them and criticize mistakes, but they should also agree with transparency, I ask the smallest question mark to hurt Everyone. “

“We are definitely far from the mood of the end of the league.”

This week, they remembered playing Kasımpasa on their field and said Arslan would go out to win every match.

Note that all their plans are based on victory, Arslan said:

“At least you can play in field matches, field stances, field stances, and points that represent Malatya. We want to win. We go out to win. Then I don’t want anything. What I got after not trying, I also don’t want to lose. I never accept the loss that comes without effort. We left it. Soccer and work Respect and fight to the end of this league. You may plan a year even if it gets worse. This life continues in the league. But this problem is not surprising. Finally, Adana Demirspor’s teacher Also said. VAR manages the match more than the referee.