Criticism from Viklov influencing the agenda: US sanctions threatening countries like Turkey


As Russia’s attacks on Ukraine continue, Russian Foreign Minister Sergeń≠ Viklov has issued a new statement on the latest situation between the two countries.

“Feelings that America does not allow”

Mr. Viklov recalled the terms Russia had presented to Ukraine, “Our work can be terminated by signing a comprehensive document on the issue I mentioned. We are always. I have been in favor of diplomatic solutions to all kinds of problems. Propose negotiations and continue negotiations. First started negotiations with the Ukrainian delegation, but then a dialogue took place, but someone, perhaps the United States. Always holding the hands of the Ukrainian delegation, I feel like I didn’t forgive them. To accept our demands, which was absolutely minimal in my opinion. But despite all, the process is I will continue, “he said.

“West is an unreliable guarantee”

“Perhaps at that time we were overly reliant on the remnants of the conscience of our Western colleagues. After all, the Normandy form is French. Russia.” People live there normally, and the West does everything to normalize the situation. The West is an unreliable guarantor in resolving this crisis, because they continue to support anti-Russia. Even if we are isolated from the situation in Ukraine, sanctions, Western action as an economic partner as part of the world where major currencies are produced, and gold “it can store its reserves. Make sure the country is unreliable, “he said.

“There is no other option to protect Russians in Ukraine”

Mr. Viklov defended that their security proposal was not considered by the Western countries and had to work in Ukraine, saying, “We have communicated our security proposal. The West is the issue of Ukraine and NATO. Refused to negotiate about .. Under these conditions, when the bombing began in Donbus and was ready for conflict, Ukraine we had no choice but to protect the Russian people. We were the Donetsk people. Recognizing the Republic and the People’s Republic of Ukraine and signing an agreement on mutual support with them, the President ordered a special military operation in response to their request. To catch Donbus, who was prepared and avoided thanks to the special operation. I managed to disassemble it. “

“It’s really hard for me to take Ukrainian administrative policy seriously.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a descendant of the Jews, defended his decision to support the Nazis, and Viklov said: I agreed to preserve the monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and I mentioned it. I personally protect the trend, but I am very regretful and very embarrassed about this. The Ukrainian government is serious. Similarly, the guarantee that the first stage of the president’s power did not think that Russian could be harmed in any way, even when playing in the theater or filming a television series. .. Valuable words. “

“We were open to Western relations in Putin’s first year.”

Viklov touched on Russia’s Western relations and reminded him of the early approach of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. “From the beginning of Putin’s administration, that is, from the beginning of the 2000s, we have been open to the West. We are ready to cooperate in the way the president stated that he was close to the alliance.” Unfortunately, this worked. It wasn’t. Of course, we remain open to cooperating with all countries, including the Western countries. We are not going to take any action, but they are in a situation where the West behaves this way. Let’s see how to get out of the deadlock. “


“Many countries, including Turkey, threats”

“Many countries are threatening to move away from the dollar because of their international attitude,” Viklov said, citing US anti-Russian policy and pointing out that many countries interacting with Russia are also threatened. They have already begun to think about what happened today, which may happen to someone else tomorrow they (USA) send their diplomats all over the world to one side they stay in their own diplomats Russia conveys a demand that the diplomats of the country in which it should break its ties with Russia. Otherwise, they threaten sanctions. Such studies are being conducted in small countries, as such. This is the United States only if the ultimate and demands are directed to China, India, Egypt and Turkey. A real or super-value complex. This situation has already exceeded all standards, “he says. I did.