Countdown to World Nomad Games – TRT Spor


Alinur Akhtash, Mayor of Bursa Municipality, President of Traditional Sports Youth and Sports Club of Ankara, World Nomad Games Organizing Committee, Vice President of World Federation of Ethnic Sports, Hakan Kazantz, President of Turkish Traditional Sports Federation and met with Mr. Abdulhadi Turus. , Chairman of the Executive Board of the World Nomad Games, and Abdullah Ellen, Chairman of the Expatriate Turks and Allied Communities.

Aktash, who informs the press about the organization’s preparatory process, said many cooperations have been signed in recent years to strengthen the Turkish lineage and ties, and the 4th Global Nomad Game is an important one in this context. said to be an organization.The very important activities and actions of the Turkish National Organization (TDT), the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), the Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) and the Turkish Expatriate and Allied Communities (YTB) have become the voice of the Turkish world. increase. About 300 million people live on different continents. The World Nomad Games is one of these activities to ensure this unity and solidarity. ” He said.

Recalling that the organization was first held near Kyrgyzstan’s Issyk-Kul and Kurcin Plateau in 2014, President Aktash stressed that Bursa’s Iznik district, where the games will be held, has a similar geography, adding: said like this.

“Why Iznik? Iznik has one of the largest lakes in Turkey and its structure is very similar to Lake Issyk. İznik played a very important role in the conquest: “Iznik has a very important place in Turkish history. Even today, there are Kyrgyz tombs in this district. International events like this Logistics, transportation and accommodation are also very important when hosting a .Iznik Istanbul There are also highways, sea routes and air routes to cities such as Bursa, Ankara and Izmir, providing a very good environment for guests here. can do.”

“Spectators will be able to participate in the event.”


Alinur Aktaş said he has prepared various surprises for the spectators of the game, which is expected to involve more than 3,000 athletes from about 100 countries.Guests can ride horses, shoot arrows, and experience the cuisine of participating countries. Music and dances from these countries will also be performed on stage. gave information.

Actus also talked about the content of the game. “There are three traditional sports in Anatolia: horsemanship, wrestling and shooting. Among them, horsemanship and javelin throwing are at the forefront. They do long-distance races and horse races, but Kazakhs and Kyrgyz do other sports such as war preparations and war preparations.‘ commented.

Recalling President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s attendance at the 2018 Games in Kyrgyzstan, Alinur Akhtash said:

“If nothing goes wrong at the last minute, we will have the opportunity to welcome both the president and the heads of state and ministers of different countries. This is how we ensure reconciliation between the Turkish world. All relevant agencies and organizations including the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality have been mobilized. The country will benefit over the years, creating significant infrastructure across Turkey, especially in relation to the traditional sports sector, preparing venues.”