Cooperation that confused Fenerbahce-Sports

The board of directors of Fenerbahce, chaired by Ali Koç, has now responded because of the decision about the University of Fenerbahce. Adnan Ersan, former general manager of Fenerbahçe College, told Odatv about this process.

Ali Koç, who became president of Fenerbahce in 2018 and was reelected for the second time this summer, has not yet achieved the sporting success he expected.

The board of directors of Fenerbahce, chaired by Ali Koç, who is currently chanting “Resignation of Management” in Kadikoy, has now been criticized for its cooperation with the Buffcheshehir School of the University of Fenerbahce. As a result of cooperation, Fenerbahçe Eğitim A.Ş. The school was claimed to end its activities, but it was stated that the school name Fenerbahce emblem would also be removed.

Tensions increased at the cooperative signing session attended by my parents. Many parents responded to an agreement between the Baseshehir schools in the hall.

These moments are:

Former school principal called ODATV

Adnan Ersan, former general manager of Fenerbahçe College, told Odatv about this process.

The school gained the most momentum when Ali Kochu was chairman of the school board, and Adnan Elsan said the school is now being handed over. “We were surprised and sad.” He replied.

Adnan Elsan, who opened the door to Anatolia at the same time and explained that the capacity was full, said: “The school has become the most profitable school. Fenerbahçe EğitimA.Ş. It will be shut down. The Fenerbahce emblem. I don’t understand this decision. I hope it will be returned as soon as possible.” Said.

Ali Kochu as the reason for the decision “The university didn’t reach the level I wanted.” Adnan Elsan said he said, “But it was a very good level. He was also one of the pioneers of modern education.” Said.

We did not forbid the moment of the day

As an example of this “We did not ban the oath for a day.” Adnan Elsan said, “During the period when our vows were abolished at school, they had students read our vows every day at school.

Adnan Elsan, a member of the Fenerbahce High Council, explained that the school was brought to Fenerbahce as a result of the great efforts of Aziz Yıldrum.

Then the name of the school “Fenerbahce” Adnan Ersan said the existence of the club has nothing to do with the club. “There is no real name because there is no coat of arms. The remaining Fenerbahce in the name is the name of the district, not the club.” He said.

Great reaction at the mosque

Founded during President Aziz Yıldrum and operating from 2003 to 2004, the University of Fenerbahce was renamed to the Buffcheshehill Fenerbahce Campus the day before by a protocol signed by President Ali Koçe of Fenerbahce and President of the University of Fenerbahcehill. ..

At the signing ceremony, Ali Kochu said: “The Fenerbahce Educational Institution is one of the most important issues of the Fenerbahce Sports Club, which has been a leader in Turkish sports with a history of more than a century. Following in the footsteps of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, we Is now even stronger in collaboration with the University of Baseshehir. International and intercultural dialogue and experienced people. However, the Fenerbahce community, especially the parents of the students, has responded greatly to this cooperation.

FENER BAHÇEL0054 Executive: Transfers and sales are not considered

In response, Omer Okan, director of the Fenerbahce Club, issued a statement stating that his club has protected rights at the university and that the sale of land is out of the question.

Mother, In this cooperation aimed at enhancing and improving the quality of education for children in the current way, all rights of the Fenerbahce Educational Institution and the Fenerbahce College brand belong to our club. I don’t know where and what the intention was for the transfer, sale, transfer, sale of land, etc. of the Fenerbahce educational institution, but these are not a problem. Said.

“If Ali Kochu comes to hear this revolution”

After the signed protocol, images of the meeting between school management and parents of students at Fenerbahçe College were posted on social media. It was seen in the video that many parents expressed opposition to this process.

Erol Çetinçelik, a member of the Fenerbahce Club and a parent of the University of Fenerbahce, said after the school meeting that all parents were against this change. Çetinçelik, shared on a social media account, said: “If Ali Kochu came and heard about this rebellion” He’s done.

The signature campaign has started

In a short period of time, more than 1500 people have signed the “Fenerbahçe College Cannot Be Transferd” campaign.

In the campaign text, “In the purpose and activities of Fenerbahce, it is stated in Article 3 of its enactment.” The club has also established or will establish a foundation, company, or company to contribute to our country. Through, we will establish higher education, colleges, high schools, secondary education, preschool education and training institutions based on the principles of modern science and education. Education, “he says. Fenerbahce College should not be taken over in order to maintain the corporate identity and culture of Fenerbahce and pass it on to future generations. As fans of Fenerbahce, we demand that the Fenerbahce Board of Directors immediately overturn this false decision! “ I was told.

The signing petition was signed in the name of a well-known community such as Hulusi Belgü and Hakan Bilal Kutlualp.

Meanwhile, as the campaign went into full swing, the Fenerbahce Hill College Fenerbahce Campus, the name of Fenerbahce College, became a hot topic on Twitter.