Convocation of an extraordinary general meeting from the board of directors of the Galatasaray Sports Club Association


Convocation of an extraordinary general meeting from the board of directors of the Galatasaray Sports Club Association

Article 25.3. In 28.1, the General Assembly convened an extraordinary meeting, which was held on Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 10 am at the address of the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center Anadolu Auditorium Meeting Hall Beyoğlu, with the following agenda items: It has been decided that the event will be held at the same time on Sunday, July 31, 2022.

We will inform the members.

nice to meet you,

Galatasaray Sports Club Association Board of Directors



1. Opening,

2. Presidency of the General Assembly Formation of the National Council,

3. Moment of silence and national anthem song,

4. In accordance with Articles 24, 10, 12, 13, and 145 of the Articles of Incorporation, the Board of Directors has the authority to carry out the following activities and realize relevant legal transactions and savings up to 31.05.2024: Has been given.

4.1. In order to function as a social facility available to our association members, the immovable objects that make up Galatasaray Island are owned by the Ministry of Finance and have an easement in favor of our association, Istanbul, Besiktas and Kuruçeşme. I have. , 369 islands, 2, 3, 4 parcels, parcels 2, 3, 4 around these parcels. To carry out all kinds of technical and architectural projects, plan an investigation of these immovable ones together with the region under state control, the region, the pier area of ​​the Kurcheshme coast, and the property of the Association. Section 1 of the 369 blocks below performs all types of zoning planning, zoning permission acquisition, all types of license acquisition, and similar management. Legal proceedings, registration, cancellation, allocation, unification and disposal (including establishment of rights and obligations of the property in question), construction, equipment necessary to make the constructed structure suitable for final use Create, collect and fund donations as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association (GALATASARAY ISLAND),

4.2. Under the supervision of one of the four major independent audit corporations (Deloitte, E & Y KPMG, PWC), the realization of construction activities related to real estate projects subject to approval application, the establishment of an independent bidding committee for construction activities, this Creation of specifications by the committee, open bidding to increase the number of participants. A national or international project management company selected by the Bidding Commission to announce bids to the public through the press, broadcast bids live from one of our channels, and carry out the entire process of the project. The selection of the company as a result of the bid, the international or domestic project management company assigned to the project with the participation of the bidding committee, one of the above four large auditing companies, and the related banks. All revenue from these projects will be stored in blocked accounts and will be used primarily for the payment and construction costs of the association and its subsidiaries’ financial and delinquent commercial debt, with the remaining money being used for new projects to be carried out. To improve the infrastructure used and ensure the association’s future, financial independence and sustainability. However, it will be sent to the blocked savings account where it will be created and this money can be used with the approval of the General Assembly.

4.2.1. Buy lots near Istanbul, Bakırköy district, Florya Mahallesi, Plot 79, Block 1032, lot 6 real estate owned by our association and do all sorts of technical and architectural projects, planning surveys, and zoning. Plans of all sizes for all these existing and purchased lots. , Zoning permits, all licenses, and similar administrative and legal proceedings. This includes establishing, registering, canceling, allocating, merging, mortgages, pledges, construction, construction by revenue sharing methods, and construction slaves to these real estates mentioned above. Established or established, rented, sold, established condominiums and condominiums, sold and transferred independent sections, and placed in-kind the right to the parcel or parcel in question to the company as capital. Operating and partnership agreements for these real estate, parcel obligations (mortgages), leasing and other rights underwriting, necessary funding (FLORYA LAND),

4.2.2. Planning surveys, zoning plans of all sizes, zoning permits, real estate of all types with a surface area of ​​2,127,32 m², Istanbul, Sisli district, Dikirita Shmahalesi to carry out all kinds of technical and architectural projects. Registered in, Area 58, Block 1199, Plot 385, owned by our association. Registration, cancellation, allocation, merger, mortgage, pledge, construction, revenue sharing method (including establishment of rights and obligations of the property), to obtain a license and perform similar management and legal proceedings. Sale and transfer of independent sections, transfer of real estate in kind to an established company, or establishment, rental, sale, operation and partnership agreements for this property, real estate obligations (mortgages, leases and other rights) ), Establishing funds (MECIDIYEKOY BUILDING),

4.3. The Treasury-owned parcels 3427, 3428, and 3430 within the Kemerburgaz, Eyup, and Istanbul province boundaries have been assigned to the Association by a preliminary permit agreement signed between the club and the Directorate General of Real Estate. rice field. To establish a new camp facility. Similar administrative and legal transactions, including planning research, zoning plans of all sizes, zoning permits, acquisition of all licenses, and establishment of rights and obligations on the subject to carry out technical and architectural projects of all kinds. Immovable. Establishing abandonment, subdivision, unity, mortgages, pledges, construction immovable obligations (mortgages, leases and other rights), building sports facilities on land, the final use of the built facilities is necessary Depending on the purpose of providing all kinds of related funding and moving immovable ones near our association for the same purpose. (KEMERBURGAZ NEW CAMPING FACILITY), to save money and thereby acquire new rights to expand existing immovable territories and to carry out all the steps specified here regarding these immovables.

4.4. To ensure our future financial independence and sustainability, we shall bring new immovable and / or real powers into our assets and notify the General Assembly of Immovable Property and Budget to date. The minutes of the General Assembly and, in the case of future purchases, shall be given the seller’s favorable guarantee for the immovable items purchased.

4.5. Follow the provisions of the law and related rules regarding sports clubs and sports federations. 4.2 above. , 4.3 and 4.4. Sign new loan agreements to fund projects subject to the provisions’ approval requirements and establish bank-friendly mortgages, pledges and other real estate for new real estate brought under the ownership of the Association. thing. Only with the method,

4.6. Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex, Kalamış facilities, Burhan Felek Ergün Gürsoy swimming pool, Maslak Nevzat Özgörkey riding facilities, cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, exhibition / event / advertising areas, and similar areas of the Beyoğlu Hasnun Galip building. Lease, partially and / or fully allocate, conclude operating contracts for these immovable ones,

5. Discuss the roadmap that clubs should follow to ensure internal peace and unity to achieve financial independence and success, eliminating the negative effects caused by the eviction process.

6. Closing