Controversial referee, Yashin Kol, flash decision from TFF!


Turkish Football Federation vice-president Murat Irgaz said Yasin Kol, the referee for the match between Besiktas and Aranyaspor, will take some time off.

“Yassin Kol will rest for a while.”

MHK Vice Chairman Murat Irgaz said: “Of course, in the last two weeks I’ve run into a few small mistakes.I found that yellow cards in particular come out very easily.These easy yellow cards cause problems later.Yasin Kol’s referee report is satisfactory.” It’s not a good level. He’ll rest. I’ll take care of him when it’s his turn for a while.” He said.

Murat Irgaz also said: “Given the ease with which the first yellow card was shown in one game, it was debatable that the second yellow card was issued. There was a possibility of being saved.” issued a statement.

Hugh Dallas: “I saw the standings for the Alanyaspor vs. Besiktas match”

HHK Referee Advisor Hugh Dallas “At today’s meeting, the Alanyaspor vs. Besiktas match was the topic of discussion. We monitored the positions. We all agreed that there were areas for improvement.” Said.


what happened?

Besiktas president Ahmet Nur Chebi recently visited the Turkish Football Federation’s facility in Riva. Cebi met with the Commonwealth’s President Mehmet Büyükekşi.

Chebi shared his complaints about Yasin Kol, the referee for the Corendon Alanyaspor match, the last time black and white teams played.

In statements made after the match, the black and white clubs requested that Kol not be assigned to Besiktas matches for the entire season.

The black and white team ended the first half with a 3-1 score. Besiktas’s Emrecan Uzunhan received a red card after receiving his second yellow card 35 minutes into the match.

Besiktas, who failed to maintain their dominance in the second half, drew 3-3 with Akdeniz’s side. After what happened, MHK didn’t give Yasin Kol a match this week.

What did Ahmet Nur Cebi say?

Besiktas president Ahmet Nur Chebi, who joined the TFF after the Aranyaspor match, said:

“We discussed the issues related to football in Turkey. We presented the injustices we experienced in the Corendon Aranyaspor match one by one, along with the documents we had. I hope they understand this. , I understand to evaluate it. I hope that what is needed is done. .

The federation is the representative of Turkish football. MHK depends on them. I requested a solution to the problems that have persisted since last season. We know that some issues have been resolved, but not all. I said they are the ones who detect errors. We don’t want to be wronged anymore. We don’t want other teams to suffer injustice. We have said that Besiktas has no limits to removing injustice. My community is unhappy, my community is anxious. My community needs trust. My community needs to believe that the Federation and its referees will do no harm. they need to do this. I want to believe them Let’s wait and see how they fix the mistakes they made.

I think federations should be more open and transparent about refereeing. Please let me know where I went wrong. We said you should come out and respond to criticism. Maybe they are working on something like this. I believe they will do it ASAP. I think I’ve told you enough that Besiktas’s tolerance limit has passed. I hope everyone can see the results.

The referee has no right to make mistakes. When a surgeon makes a mistake in an operation and the result is death, the referee cannot afford to make a mistake. I named it as a mistake, but that’s it. Referees have to be very careful. I know one mistake in one game, but I don’t know 10 mistakes.”

Mehmet Kan Beloren – Sports Manager