Comments on the dollar and gold that are much talked about by Islamic Memish: If the attack continues, the central bank …-The correct address for financial news

In the global market, the Russian-Ukraine war’s pricing impact continues, but the appetite for risk remains low at the beginning of the new week. The fact that Russia left the city of Mariupol with an ultimatum to Ukrainian soldiers heightened concern that it might have entered a new stage in the war.

Markets are pricing inflation on the one hand and central bank monetary policy on the other, but ultimately fighting tensions between Russia and Ukraine.
These trends have led to an upward trend in commodity prices, but the ounce price of gold is highly valued at $ 1925. Gram gold prices, which have stopped in the range of $ 900- $ 920, started at 913 lira and now meet buyers at $ 918. The dollar / TL rate is trading at 14.83 today after closing at 14.81 with an increase of 0.74% on Friday.

Gold and Money Market Specialist 0054slam Memiş evaluated the latest state of the market by sharing it on a Youtube account. This week, highlighting that there were no data flows or developments that could adversely affect the market, Islamic Memish said that the most important issues were maturity payments from currency-protected savings accounts and central bank governors. Said it was a statement.

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“There is no reason to withdraw from currency protection deposits”

“This week we have maturity payments from currency-protected savings accounts. The general expectation is that citizens of these markets will not exit the currency-protected system and extend it. My personal. When the exchange rate rises because the opinion is currency protected, it is called “currency protected”. There is no reason to quit because it is harmless to investors and the rich. “

“Currently, the dollar rate is 14.80. Still, he has launched attacks above the 15-16 level. Depositors do not like to go there and buy the dollar again and give up their monthly income. There will be no exit here because of the currency guarantee. “


Explanation of Powell and Lagarde to follow

“This week, European Central Bank Governor Christine Lagarde and U.S. Central Bank Governor Christine Lagarde will release statements. We will continue to closely track these statements. Their statements refer to the process of raising interest rates and inflation. “We will continue to increase inflation, we are determined to reduce inflation, inflation will decrease, if it is not due to Russian operations, they will Will give a distracting speech to the market. “


“I accept ÇAVUŞOĞLU as a reference.”

“The focus is on this week’s talks between Russia and Ukraine, Islam Memish said,” We will continue to closely monitor short-term ceasefires and whether there will be talks from this side between Zelensky and Putin. There is. ” “On the weekend, Minister Chabshuol made positive statements, such as” Negotiations are proceeding smoothly and we are approaching an agreement on various issues, “Mevrut said. Chabrol is one of my reliable sources and I referred to his remarks. Negotiations are currently going forward. “
“These are short-term ceasefires, short-term negotiations. I have expressed my thoughts for three weeks. I have expressed my hope that this process will continue in a controlled manner,” said Memish.


“Central banks may be revived”

Mr. Memish said he is focusing on domestic inflation with foreign central bank governors, saying:

“There is a high inflation rate as these numbers continue to rise. The rise in the dollar rate has a negative impact on inflation, so Minister Nabati issued a statement over the weekend.” We are determined, we. Will go through this inflation, “he said. Let’s see if the fight will be easier. “


Mr. Memish said he believes the central bank is more likely to raise interest rates again, “I said earlier. In the event of an exchange rate attack, the central bank could raise interest rates. Very strong this year, especially to fight inflation. Especially at the 14.80 lira level of dollar interest rates. Psychological resistance level. If he attacks above this level, this time he will pronounce the number 15. Inflation and It won’t be easy to fight, so I think the central bank may intervene again, which is why it will be important to close the dollar below the 14.80 level. “

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