Collaboration between Jorge Jesus and Fenerbahce-TRT Spor

Finally, Fenerbahce, who finished the Super League at the top of the 2013-2014 season under the control of Ersun Yanal, wants to experience the championship again after an eight-year hiatus. For the first time in history, the Yellow Dark Blue team will cease to be at the top of the league, leaving the 67-year-old Portuguese experienced coach Jorgejes to break through the negative series in the new season. ..

Yes; it’s safe to say that he will be the most famous coach to run Fenerbahce after Ziko and Aragon. For this reason, football and Turkish days played by Portuguese coaches are awaited. Let’s explore together the partnership between Jesus and Fenerbahce and its possible benefits.

The first question that comes to mind is: Is Jesus the correct name for Fenerbahce?

In fact, the shortest answer to this question needs to be a very clear “yes”, as it can be explained in technical and tactical terms in long paragraphs. The reason is very simple. It is clear that a good coach is the first and most basic stone of success, as is the validity of the generalization that “good soccer is played with good soccer players”.

In fact, the Fenerbahce community has eaten this achievement for many years in both our country and the European Cup by outsourcing excellent staff to Obradvich. For this reason, it is a very good decision to leave the dark blue club, which is far from local success, to a coach with an overplayer profile like Jorge Jesus.

Also, if you are one of the largest football clubs in the country and the team you have established has one of the best teams individually in the league, except for plans, Jorge is in an important place. Coach world football like Jesus has a dominant personality and winning habits that are perfect for you.

Can he succeed in Fenerbahce?

Like Galatasaray, Besiktas and Trabzonspor, championship is the only criterion for success in Fenerbahce. In the eyes of the fans, no success is considered at any stage of the ranking except the top. In addition, Fenerbahce has long admired the championship.

Daum, who lost third place in the previous match in two championships, Ziko, who advanced to the quarterfinals in the Champions League the following year when the team reached a happy ending in the 100th year Super League, and Elson Janal, who led the team. The old championship team has lived so far, but nevertheless, don’t forget that it was sent.

Will this put pressure on Portuguese coaches? No. Jorge Jesus is neither a newcomer to his career nor a dreamer of working at a higher level with Fenerbahce as a foothold. He is a top-level coach who has proved himself over the years and has won trophies in every country he has worked for.

For all these reasons, Jorge’s success ends with the first steps management takes. At Fenerbahce, which opens its season much earlier than other teams in the Champions League qualifying summit, first of all, you shouldn’t make the mistakes you’ve been familiar with in the last few years. This season.

The first thing to do here is to train reinforcements to the pre-season camp, in line with the demands of the Portuguese coach and the needs of the current staff of the yellow and dark blue team. In other words, Fenerbahce should not compete without strikers, leftbacks and scorer winger.

As a matter of fact, it needs to be reduced in certain areas, such as the Central Midfield and the reinforcements of the Huang Navy team’s troops. For this reason, the roadmap that management should follow to succeed in the first place is far more important than Jorge Jesus’ performance at the top of the team.

“Manager who knows the league”

One of the most important features of Jorge Jesus in his favor in his days in Turkey is the rejection of the “League-Knowing Coach” dissertation. This is done in our football literature, but it doesn’t really make sense. life. Experienced coaches who coached Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal and Brazil’s Flamengo, with the exception of Portugal, scored an average of hard-to-catch points for these two teams (20 games for Al Hilal 2.45 and 50 games for Flamengo). 2,42) And with great success. The success of a good trainer is out of the question to stay at the local level, except for his own choices.

Of course, achieving these successes involves both the individual skills of Jesus and the quality of the team. Opponent analysis, most efficient use of staff, quality of training, management of players, successful transfers … That’s why all the news about Jesus in our country from day one. The annual cost of an experienced trainer was stated to “include his entire team.” The Portuguese coach and his team do a valuable job.

Concise sentence; The fact that Jorge Jesus doesn’t know about the Super League is not a handicap for an experienced coach like any other coach. Other Portuguese coaches (Carlos Calvalhal, Vítor Pereira, Ricardo Sápinto) who have worked in our league for the past few years but have not succeeded.

Key; correct staff planning

The average points earned by Jorge Jesus on all the teams he coached, especially starting from Benfica’s first term, were enough to compete for the top on the way to the championship and take the rope most of the time. However, as with all countries, the dynamics of all leagues are very different. At this point, it is no mistake to say that one of Jesus’ greatest benefits and handicap is to teach Fenerbahce.

Why both advantage and handicap? The only thing that is considered in the minds of dark blue fans and the community is to win the Super League eight years later. So short-term success. Because of this, Jesus may break up with a fan who is already less patient, as points can be lost in a row. In the opposite scenario, Jesus, along with millions of supporters, can turn Kadikoy into an impassable fortress in Fenerbahce.

In terms of technique, tactics, team management and leadership, Jorge Jesus offers more than you would expect under normal conditions. The important point here is in line with the expectations of Jesus, who is said to be the only ruler of Samandilla-it is a very correct decision that is also related to his character-suitable for staff engineering. Reinforcement and removal of the team’s existing bulging areas.

The name Jesus facilitates the transfer

Finally, in the transfer to Fenerbahce, Jesus being Portuguese and working in Brazil will strengthen the hands of the Yellow Navy Club. Similarly, his career and the stars he gave to football will make Fenerbahce the center of attraction for many athletes. Fenerbahce’s management is confident that it will take advantage of this to the end.

II. It is very exciting that our country is a new stop for Portuguese who have not hired a club for about 1.5 years since the Benfica era and acted selectively. Of course, we don’t know what the days of Jorge Jesus in Turkey will bring or what will happen. It is clear that his ambitions, coaching skills, and experienced coaches with a dominant personality add a lot of color to national football.