Coca apologized to a 90-year-old doctor who fell to the ground during police intervention



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A 90-year-old doctor on Medical Day, on March 14, while trying to offer a wreath with a colleague at the Republic Memorial on Taksim Square. Erdinç Köksal in a muddy white coat “customer’s voice” He handed it over to the Istanbul Medical Council for storage.

Köksal said that on the night of the incident, Health Minister Fahretttin Koca called him and apologized.

Doctors again at a press conference at the Istanbul Medical Council (ITO) on what happened on March 14th. “In our lab coat, we won’t give up until we just get ours.” Said.

Mr. Keksal took a seat at the meeting and said that his lab coat had become dirty for the first time in his 64 years of professional life. Köksal said it would be very painful and sad for a handful of doctors in white shirts to have such a conflict with the national police. “Our shirts are always dirty, but why? After a few hours of surgery, the front of the shirt is covered with blood. We accept this blood, stains as badges and medals. Accept the blood that gives the color of our flag in the War of Independence and the Battle of Galipoli. Submit this bad memory of March 14th to the Istanbul Medical Council and keep it as an example. ” Said.

She became emotional and shed tears while Köksal again wore a clean white coat.

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Minister Coca spoke for nearly an hour.

Köksal said that on the day of the incident, Health Minister Fahrett in Koca called him at 23:40 and had a 49-minute discussion. “Husband Minister, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Said. Thanks to him here. “ Said.

In a conversation with Coca, Coxal suffers from anxiety about the children, spouses, and parents of about 600 doctors and health care workers who died in the pandemic, and Covid-19 should be considered an occupational disease. I said there is. “In our speech, the Minister“I will definitely follow you” Said. Doctors and patients also saw the patient in the polyclinic in 5 minutes and said they were unhappy because the patient beat, beat, and stabbed us, but they got over it and weren’t punished. I also talked about other things. He said he would talk to the Minister of Justice. Hopefully he will keep his words and we will have happier days. ” Said.

President and professor of the Istanbul Medical Council in a beautiful lab coat on Köksal.Dr. Pinar Sipe“We see brother Eldin being cheated on behalf of all doctors. This apron is safe. We set an example for the world.” Said.

“As we increase our struggle, we become hostile.”

Chairman and professor of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB). Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincanci said he promised to protect the white of the apron that he tried to smear.As we say, “We are workers, the words are ours,” unfortunately we are hostile because we have increased the struggle to protect the white of the apron. We have reached our limits and faced an attempt to criminalize. We will continue on our way until we gain our rights in this struggle. ” Said.

Reading the press release on behalf of the institution, Dr. Çiğdem Arslan, a member of the TTB Central Council, said:Unfortunately, as our struggle for labor, personal rights and public health grows and is accepted day by day, those who have to take responsibility unfortunately obscure our righteousness and are perceived differently. We strive to run all sorts of mind games. But if this effort is used for the well-being of doctors and society, it will take a step towards a healthy society.

“We were here, we are here now!”

Arslan said Turkey is one of the worst pandemic countries in terms of Covid-19-related illness and death among doctors and health care workers. “Despite the bad pandemic policy, the contempt of those who have made great sacrifices to us grows so great day by day, and finally we “Let me go if I go” “Let’s go” They could even say. Again, we want you to know that we were in the most difficult situation in the fight for health. I’m here from now on. “

“A perceptual game is being made”

Arslan said he was trying to obscure the labor dispute in a perceptual game, and continued: “Our labor is obvious, but we are not rewarded, we are increasingly oppressed by words of violence and error, and our health is gradually being deprived of the public and left to me. Obviously, the fact that doctors take care of their efforts, like all those who take care of their efforts, should not bother anyone but the malicious. Be healthy. For example, society is healthy, and if society is healthy, we are healthy. Therefore, protecting work in a systematic way guaranteed by the Constitution is the doctor’s most basic right. One. It is a constitutional crime to stigmatize and prevent this. Our room and union in the field of health are the most important factors to unite and strengthen the doctor’s struggle.

Today, our colleagues are also exposed to violence in visual / print media, television series, movies and social media channels. Those who cannot even enforce the brute force health violence law, and those who do not submit the bill we propose to Congress, are in a position to leave most of the new violence law they bring to trolls. Social media. We are trying to confront us with other professions that target us. All approaches that inspire and guide the public should be thwarted and they should be fought in good faith.