Coach’s comment about Jesus: We fired the biggest bullet-TRT Spor

At the 2021 regular meeting held at the Urquell Sports and Event Hall in the Fenerbahce Club, Kochi made various evaluations.

“In my opinion, I shot the largest bullet possible.”

In assessing the situation, Kochi stated that fans were weaker than in the past, saying:

“No matter which method we choose, we know it’s not a win-win for us. Our fans are a little weaker than before in assessing the situation. The two games don’t go well. If you have a system that works well, you’re a teacher, “You had the words of A Plus teacher.” From the end of the first season of the two years. I dreamed of bringing this teacher somewhere in my heart. If you catch a bird by mouth, no matter how much work you do or what you do with other branches, if the ball doesn’t pass between the three lines, it’s worth nothing. The largest bullet we can throw. We hope our expectations will come true and we will be champions. “

“Now is the time to get together and support Fenerbahce.”

He emphasized that he believes that the trophies will overlap when Fenerbahce breaks the unfortunate course, Kochi said.It took a lot of effort to give up, both inside and outside. I ask insiders, let us be one body, focus on the same goals. I can’t say anything to outsiders. You understand that I won’t give up easily. The question marks you create around our community, our clubs, and our athletes for trouble with me are the most harmful to Fenerbahce. Now is the time to get together and support Fenerbahce.‘ He said.

“My biggest dream is to leave a model football academy here.”

Fenerbahce showed that Turkey needed to meet on its 100th anniversary, and Kochi continued:

“Jorge Jesus was very impressed with our facility, but looking at the other businesses related to the infrastructure team, the other businesses continue on limited occasions. My biggest The dream is to leave the football academy here as an example and build a facility. Here we will introduce all the football activities in the same place, including sports works. That dream will come true soon. The first two The second goal is to bring football here. The second goal is to gradually restructure the business in Delags, where he was educated in our club for 30 years. To all relevant units in our state, especially our presidents Murat Kurum and Hulusi Akar, this dream come true “Thank you for collecting them I land they needed for the club. Our academy. Will set an example for all other clubs. “

Kochi said the facility, 600 meters from Samandira on the border of the Maltepe district, is expected to be completed by October 29, 2023.

“I’m afraid to come to the point where there is something worse”

Keeping in mind that Fenerbahce has been freed from the match-fixing plot and will carry out the necessary processes for compensation, Kochi said of the TFF presidential candidacy:

“We were talking about two candidates, but one candidate came out. Probably the worst, the most inconsistent, the strangest, and by the decisions it made, football and the most. The farthest federation has come this far to make a profit. It’s easy to use. The B team league that I’ve been hoping for three years ago isn’t clear. A new election is taking place. This election is a turning point. Yes, it is one of the most important points of Turkish football. Many problems and many problems are not trends, so I am worried that it will get worse. Call all clubs. Talk to the president It is not a situation that can be accepted as Fennelbache by saying “it’s okay”. If this person became president of the TFF, the situation evolved, and was presented to us with the words “gentlemen want it,” it was a coincidence that the same person was also involved in the formation of the previous TFF administration. is. From now on, TFF Presidents I shared that they shouldn’t have a butler’s belly. When hiring civil servants, our state is conducting a detailed investigation to ensure that members of the terrorist organization in question do not become civil servants again, passing through good filters. There are many examples we know that people who buy a second-hand cell phone are having problems because the bay lock is unlocked, even if they are not far from the cell phone. In my opinion, the same sensitivity of TFF should be determined with the same understanding from the board of directors to its staff. As Fenerbahce, we need to bring this to the agenda. Fenerbahce was attacked by this organization. We are still talking about it 10 years later. “

“Elements of this organization still exist in Turkish football.”

Ali KoƧ claimed that Turkish football still has members of FETO. Recalling that Fenerbahce has been declining in both reputation and success since 2011, Kochi concludes his words:

“Elements of this organization still exist in Turkish football. At the moment, one is an official candidate. He is the one I know as a friend I love. Both Fenerbahce’s sensitivity and discomfort to this issue. You know you’ve heard about the federation’s trabzonization of Turkish football. The first degree from the family of the person who will be the TFF president. Yesterday, today, or tomorrow, what does blood relations have to do with this structure? There should be no. Finding a new candidate is urgently essential. There is no doubt. I appeal to the President. Let’s recover from this mistake. I am the candidate in question, my friend and personal There is no problem with, but within the framework of the information I have, there are the following situations. It can bring him a soft benefit. I will follow this issue carefully to all Fenerbahce fans. Thank you for your support. “