Closing different from Fenerbahce-TRTSpor

In the 38th week and last week of the Spor Toto Super League, Fenerbahçe was a guest of Öznur Kablo Yeni Malatya spor, who was confirmed to be demoted. The yellow and navy blue teams won 5-0 on the field.

Fenerbahce’s victorious goals came from Serdal Dursan in the 32nd minute, Serdal Aziz in the 57th minute, Ilfan Kankabechi in the 75th minute and Valencia in the 77th and 89th minutes.

A red card was displayed to Barsh Bashdash 23 minutes into the match at Yeni Malatya Spor.

As a result, Fenerbahce finished second in the Super League with 73 points. The delegated Yeni Malatyas Paul finished the season with 20 points.

Serdal Dulsan scored 15 goals in the yellow dark blue team this season.

Important moments in the first half

Fenerbahce’s attack unfolded from the right side in the 5th minute, with Irfan Jean Kavech turning the midfield to the back post. Novak, who was jogging in the area, hit a distant post with his head, and the ball came off the side a little.

Goalkeeper Abdul Samed Damuru prevented Serdal Dursan from hitting the ball in the last moment. Ferdi Kadiol sent a 6-pass in 8 minutes from the diagonal right of the penalty area.

Irfan Bachdim, who met the ball on the right side of the penalty area in the 20th minute, made the middle towards the 6th pass. An effective headshot to the left corner of Seldal Dursan, Abdul Samed Damle removed the leather ball from the bottom of the pole.

In the 31st minute, Yandash fired a powerful shot with his left foot from diagonally right to the penalty arc, and the goalkeeper missed the ball. The ball returned from the young netkeeper returned from the round leather crossbar when Novak hit the ball.

Goal 32.. Fenerbahce took the lead in the 2nd minute. Rossi, who went down to the last line on the left side, made the middle towards the penalty spot. Serdal Dursan made an effective headshot in his right corner and sent round leather to the net. 0-1.

In the 40th minute, Yandash confronted the goalkeeper diagonally to the left of the penalty area with a Zasik pass, and goalkeeper Abdul Samed Damuru put out the ball.

45 + 4. Haki, who entered the penalty area from the left side in the 2nd minute, hit the far corner with his right foot and the ball returned from the side post.

The first half ended with a 1-0 advantage of Fenerbahce.

An important moment in the second half

Yandash, who gave a free kick in the 55th minute, scored a goal with his right foot, and goalkeeper Abdul Samed Damle stole the ball at the bottom of the pole.

Goal 57.. Serdal Aziz increased the difference to 2 minutes. In the corner kick used from the left side, Yandash scored the middle toward the 6th pass. Serdar Aziz, who was in a vacant position, sent the ball to the net with a 0-2 header.

Goal 75. Fenerbahce’s third goal came soon. With a throw-in from the left side, Novak sent the ball to Irfan Jean Kavech on the left side of the penalty arc. After carrying the ball behind the penalty mark, Ilfankan kicked smoothly from the ground to the right corner, tying up a round leather net 0-3.

Goal 77. Valencia increased the difference to 4 minutes. Yandash aimed the long ball that Tiseland sent to the right side to the penalty spot. Faced with a goalkeeper in a position where Yeni Malatya Spor was not ready to defend, Valencia sent a round leather ball to the net with his right foot: 0-4.

In the 83rd minute, Fenerbahce gave a pass to Rossi, who was running diagonally to the left of the penalty area, with a quick attack by Fenerbahce. With Rossi’s left foot, the ball passed under the arm of goalkeeper Abdul Samed and was able to keep the ball away from the defense.

Goal 89. Valencia increased the difference to 5 minutes. Valencia, who met the ball on Ilfan Jean Carvech’s pass, hit smoothly with six cakes and put them together with a round leather net (0-5).

Fenerbahce won the match 5-0.

situation: New malatya

Referee: Volkan Bayarslan, Bahtiyar First, Ali Tuna

Öznur KabloYeniMalatyaspor: Abdulsamed Damlu, Karim Hafez (Min .45 + 2 Yiğit Ulaş), Campi, Gameli, Barış Başdaş, Atakan Müjde (Min .46 Azubuike), Rahman Buğra Çağrıran (Min .79 Berat Mert), Nshimirimana, Umut Taniş (Min .79 Berat Mert), Nshimirimana, Umut Tani Minimum 79 Enes Savucu)

Fenerbahce: Altay Bayındır, Novak, Serdar Aziz (Min .64 Szalai), Tisserand, Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Zajc (Min .64. Valencia), Luiz Gustavo, Rossi (Min .84 Arda Okan Kurtulan), Mert Hakan Yandaş (Min .78 Sosa)・ Kavechi, Serdar Dursun (minimum 78 Brak Kapacak)

Goal: Minutes. 32 Serdal Dulsan, minutes. 57 Serdar Aziz, minutes 75 Irfan Jean Bachdim, Min. 77 and 89 Valencia (Fenerbahce)

Red card: Minutes. 23 Barış Başdaş (Yeni Malatya Spor)

yellow card: Minutes. 22 Serdar Aziz, minutes. 24 Yandash, Min. 70 Szalai (Fenerbahce), Min. 45 + 7 Atakan Müjde (Yeni Malatya Spaul)