Claims that confused Switzerland! Is Alina Kabaeva hiding there?

Alina Kabaeva, lover of Russian President Vladimir Putin and alleged chairman of the board of media giant National Media Group, is allegedly hiding with children in a luxurious Swiss villa. Reacted.

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The allegation that Alina Kabaeva, once referred to as Russian President Vladimir Putin and even claiming to be Putin’s lover, was hiding with her children in a luxurious Swiss villa confused the country.

There is no evidence that Kabaeva is hiding in Switzerland, but petitions for the deportation of women are flowing into the Swiss government.

Claims to have Putin and a hidden child

38-year-old Arena Kabaeva is a former Olympic gymnast and gold medalist. Kabaeva has been on the agenda for years in the world media with the news that she had a relationship with Putin and Putin destroyed her home.

The claim that Kabaeva and Putin have children and are hidden from everyone has been expressed for years, but no official confirmation has been made on this issue.

55,000 signatures

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The news that Kabaeva, dubbed “Russia’s most flexible woman,” was sent to a Swiss private chalet shortly after the start of the Ukrainian war had a huge impact on the world media.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and a former gymnast have been found together only a few times so far. Kabaeva is rarely seen in public. She last appeared in the media at a gymnastics competition in Moscow last December.

Many have appealed to the Swiss government for petition and appeal to social media, demanding the deportation of Kabaeva. Launched with a petition published in German, French and English on, the campaign has received 55,000 signatures so far.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva

Very difficult statement: It’s time to reconnect EVA BRAUN to its “President”

“We are currently united for civilians who are complaining to the Swiss authorities of great suffering.” The petition began with the following statement:

“We learned that Russian political and media figure Alina Kabaeva is hiding in Switzerland to escape the consequences of the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation.

Switzerland violated the neutral nation for the first time in modern history, but it was not done against Nazi Germany either, and decided to join the sanctions against Putin. So why allow Putin’s girlfriend to hide in your borders?

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Despite the current war, Switzerland remains the home of Putin’s accomplices. Switzerland should be more strict about those who will benefit from the Putin administration at a very uncertain time. “

Is the claim that confused Switzerland that Alina Kabaeva is hiding there?

For Putin on the petition “Hitler” The call for deportation is “It’s time to reunite Eva Braun and the Führer.” The statement was included.

Western sanctions still in place

Alina Kabaeva was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Media Group, a major Russian media company. It’s worth noting that Kabaeva, who received a £ 8m salary at the company, known for her close ties to the Russian government, has not yet received its share from Western sanctions.

Is the claim that confused Switzerland that Alina Kabaeva is hiding there?

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The Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by opposition leader Alexei Navalny and currently imprisoned in Russia, has discovered that an emerging Russian conglomerate has mysteriously transferred property and money to the Kabaeva family.

Alleged in Siberia instead of Switzerland

There is currently no evidence that Kabaeva is hiding in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Western media reports that Kabaeva is not in Switzerland, but in a high-tech underground bunker in the Altai Mountains of Siberia.

During the first few days of the war, Putin was alleged to have built a private underground bunker for his family and sent his loved ones there.

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