Claim that “AK Party-MHP Alliance Can Turn into Cooperation”

Ankara -The bill to amend the Election Law, jointly signed by the AK Party and MHP, has brought many new scenarios in terms of both the ruling and opposition parties. Behind the scenes, the People’s Union formed by the AK Party-MHP that can turn to a new model of cooperation with co-candidates, and on the other side, various options such as SAADET, DEVA, and the Future Party are being considered. Form an independent alliance or form a joint list between key parties.

Two prominent arrangements in the 15-point election bill, jointly created by the AK Party and MHP and submitted to Congress, are to lower the election threshold to 7% and alliance the distribution of parliamentarians in constituencies. Not a vote, but a political party. The opposition prime minister has described the alliance’s arrangement as “an effort by which powers that have lost votes play in the system and benefit themselves.” “We’re trying to liquidate the alliance system they brought, but we’re trying to make the alliance meaningless,” said an IYI party executive. “This is an assassination of the alliance system. Eliminate small parties.” It is an arrangement made for. “

Opponents work in “how to get rid of the most lawyers”

Opposition representatives said many new options needed to be evaluated for this regulation, which are summarized as follows:
“Calculations based on 2018 election results are invalid today. Desk setups do not give results. With this offer, they are ending the alliance system. Currently six parties on the opposition front. There are political goals set by. Parties that have signed the Strengthening Parliamentary Memorandum will thoroughly appreciate this new situation, but it is premature. As elections approach, the situation on the ground, the political parties Power and influence will be discussed. Investigations will be conducted and simulations will be created in the direction of “a system that eliminates the most members of the parliament.” As a result, a decision is made. “

Multiple scenarios on the table

Among the scenarios discussed by the opposition, there are various options, such as participating in a joint election with a major party, the Felicity Party, DEVA, or a one-party agreement. “The most important question here is who will leave the party emblem!”, Pointing out that the number of parties participating in the current alliance should decrease under all circumstances, so-called. However, it has been stated that these parties that have agreed on political goals will find a solution by discussing various scenarios in the future. Public pressure has also been stated to be effective in this.

Six leaders talk about election law at a meeting on March 27

Meanwhile, six leaders meeting on Saturday, March 27, hosted by DEVA Party Chair Ali Babacan, are expected to evaluate the new election law, its possible implications, and how to proceed in the face of it. I am.

The Republic Alliance is working on new fiction: the Alliance can return to common candidacy

According to the opposition front, the opposition has the purpose of lowering the threshold and making the alliance meaningless, but the deal also has new fiction and plans for the government. Political analysis conducted states that the AK Party and the MHP Alliance have reduced the People’s Union’s votes, and these two parties are also credited with placing new fiction on their agenda. Emphasizing that the proposed proposal also aims to reduce the distance between the AK Party and the MHP, politicians said: Therefore, they can turn the alliance into cooperation. They can participate in elections as various political parties that are co-presidential candidates. They are creating new fiction. Those who make this comment are thinking of lowering the election threshold to 7 percent as a precautionary measure against the risks that MHP may face in elections that enter alone.

According to the opposition, the revision of the election law was interpreted by the public as “preventing the opposition.” It is also evaluated that the reaction it produces is positively reflected in the opposition and may even strengthen the opposition.