Cihat Arslan: I want to win again-TRT Spor

Arslan said he had won the team’s first match, but his opponent also won the same week. “We will continue to work to the end. We will continue to train in good faith. We must do this for Malatya Spor. We are ambitious and determined. I’m trying to reflect this in my team and I want to win again. “

Preparations for Yeni Malatya Spaul, who will host Altay in the Sport Super League this weekend, will continue under the control of coach Hat Arslan. In the ongoing preparations at Orduzu Nurettin Soykan Facilities, soccer players will continue to work without slowing down to win Altai.
Cihat Arslan, who scored three points against the team’s first match, Adana Demirspor, said he had hopes for the future and would do his best to stay in the league. Arslan states that he focuses on training, saying: We try to train, we try to represent the club. We will fight by defending our values ​​in the name of football. “

Arslan said he didn’t know what would appear on the league table at this time, saying: Well, 3 points came, but the opponent also won, so I will do my best until the end. We will continue the training in good faith. I have to do this for Malatya Spor. We are ambitious, determined, trying to reflect this in our team and want to win again. But then what does the course of the league demand from us, what does the league make us think, whether we can manage the year, can we stay in this league? please. We are here for success. We are here for our team, may God help us. “

The community of Yeni Malatyaspor is a very large community, Malatya is a historic city in the name of football, and Arslan said: We used to come to the road, we had a great team in our eyes, and it fell and stood up again, Europe saw it, of course we are responsible for this Act with.

Cihat Arslan also explained that he was aiming to be a model for the players from the day he joined the team, saying that they went to training first, and after all the preparations were done, they started training. .. Arslan says he wants to pass on his energy to football players in this way, he says: No one can change us. If they want to change, we change together and grow together. “We are trying to make it happen here,” he said.

When he came to Yeni Malatyas Paul, he described that he saw a sad and depressed team, and an experienced coach said, “The team was talented but accustomed to defeat. Of course, to change this. Is their effort. Of course, after seeing the players’ determination, they are working hard. For example, Tette couldn’t even go to training, but he went out and played for 20 minutes in the last match. Did.”

Altai evaluates the Altai match he faces this week and states: “I respect Altay. They are talented but have drawbacks. We are also a talented team but have drawbacks. If there is a shortage of local players in some areas But we must not evacuate to the shortcomings. We fight everyone. After all, we either win or lose. But we do. I will never leave the ring, “he said.