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Bashar Aruol, the boss of Yapmerkeji, one of the partners of the consortium that built the Canakkale Bridge in 1915, “We are from the CHP family” He told the contractor ‘gang’ He responded to the criticized opposition by explaining the engineering, math, and finance of business.

The Canakkale Bridge, built with a build-operate-transfer model by a joint venture group established by Limak and Yapı Merkezi in Turkey and DLE & C and SK Ecoplant in South Korea, has been the subject of criticism from opponents since its opening. I did. Many issues are being discussed, from the bidding process to costs. There are lots of claims about the process. So what does the group that builds the bridge and operates for 11 years say to the claim?

Yapı Merkezi’s boss, Bashar Al-Oulu, broke the silence in an interview with the Evening Newspaper.

Make your question objective

* The bridge is over, but the discussion is not over. Did you expect so many criticisms and questions?

There are questions, of course, but the mind wants it to be done in a more objective way. It is also important that the problem here. They say the bid is in a closed room. It is not. It is being announced. Then you will be given enough time. Interested companies will get bidding documents in advance. The cost of this document is about 50-100,000 TL, depending on the size of the bid.

* What is included in this document?

This document contains a contract to sign if you win the bid. This contract is not created individually and knows what to sign before bidding. After bidding, only the blanks in the printed copy will be filled. For example, you are providing time so you can fill that space. “Return to state as soon as possible” History was written.

They are taking it completely from their head

* Bridge costs are also an issue. How did you make this offer?

For a job of this size, spend $ 4-5 million before bidding. Because you have to do a preliminary design. This is the first time such a bridge has been incorporated. Such a caisson has never sunk in the world. Some works have never been lifted to such a height. All of these need to be hired and studied by specialists. The calculation will be done accordingly. You need to do all this work first to give some thought about the cost of such a bridge. Had we not been ready for this bid, we would not have been able to comment on this issue. Those who are currently calculating costs are completely crazy.

* They show some examples from the world. For example Hong Kong …

They give an example where there is as much difference between them and our bridge as a mountain. One foot is 40 meters deep and the other is on land. They call it the Hong Kong Bridge, which is a suspension bridge and the other is the viaduct system.

We made the best offer, we went to school

* How many other bids were there?

A global bid was placed. Then came four very serious offers. For example, Japanese companies are very eager for Canakkale and have made very competitive proposals. All of these companies showed feasibility, so he estimated the cost of the bridge. There were four very serious offers. And the cheapest of these offers was chosen. What’s the problem here? He may have been chosen after us. For example, it happened in Izmir …

Who spent 500 million people in Izmir?

* What happened in Izmir?

In a subway bid held three to four months ago, Yapı Merkezi and Nurol offered the lowest prices. Nevertheless, we were kicked out of the bid and given a second job with a margin of 500 million lira. This should be questioned. Nurol built Osmangazi and Marmaray, and Çanakkale and Eurasia. And they say’they don’t know the business. They gave the wrong price, they can’t work. I will give it to my favorites. ” Please do not bid at that time. Why are you bothering me?

When the currency becomes like this, we lose money

* Will the contractor get rich with a financial guarantee?

You can see how much money you can make from this job the day you cross the bridge. Until then, everything is at risk and uncertain. If exchange rates continue to fluctuate in this way, you may incur significant losses. For example, if this year’s contract includes € 15 and VAT, you will incur a toll of approximately 250 Turkish lira. And this remains constant all year round. However, when the exchange rate goes up, TL is not stable. Therefore, my euro conversion transition, which started at 15 euros, will be reduced to 12 per year if there is a 20% devaluation. On the other hand, our debt is the dollar. In other words, if TL gets value, I win too. If he loses, I lose too. If we knew these would happen in 2020 and 2021, we wouldn’t have made that proposal in 2017. This is the job that was done to the end of the bid. I could afford to be safe, but it’s gone.

* How about the transit from Canakkale now?

There are about 30,000 passes per day, but it’s still too early to talk. But after a year or two, the situation begins to become clear.

* Do you go through the Eurasian tunnel?

The guaranteed number was 68000. Currently there are 55,000 people. The Eurasian Tunnel is used intensively for 4 hours a day in the morning and evening. You can try different ways to freeze these free times.

Don’t go left by saying “I’m on the left”

* You also come from the CHP family …

Yes, our heart beats on the left side. There is something like social democracy. It’s clear what it is. You can’t be left by saying I’m left. Opponents should say, “Don’t make gas so cheap, let the country go to public transport,” but unfortunately the opposition is made by saying “no” to everything irrelevant. They say, “We will nationalize these projects,” these are statements that will keep investors away. Otherwise, as Yapı Merkezi, we are completely satisfied with social democracy.

Behind both bus fares and “high” … this is not fair

* How do you rate their expensive appeal to toll roads?

Currently, the cost of the bridge (July 15 Martyrs Bridge) is 8 lira. In other words, the price of a bus ticket is passed across the bridge. They say, “The bridge has been paid, and now it should be free.” The state cannot even maintain the bridge with the money taken from the intersection. Live in a place like Istanbul, don’t use public transport, burn petrol, pollute the air, cross the bridge and say “expensive” at the price of a bus. What kind of justice is it? I don’t think the nation should subsidize gasoline anymore, but in today’s political environment this can’t be done. There was opposition to break the apocalypse when gasoline prices went up.

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