CHP Opposition to Election Law: Three Articles Are Very Unpleasant

Member of the Constitutional Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Deputy CHP Mersin Arima Hill Basalil, Talked about the “Bill on Amendments to the Legislative Elections Act,” which is still being discussed by the Constitutional Commission. Basarir focused on three items in the proposal.

In his speech on the bill on the revision of the Parliamentary Election Act, which is being discussed by the Constitutional Commission, Chaguluru said:The law must be applied equally to all and to all candidates equally. This situation disturbs us in good faith. I think the three items in particular are very unpleasant. After the Prime Minister has been removed from the article on election bans, continue the election of senior judges, remove the threshold, and put the phrase president there.” He said.

Bassar said:

“The Rebel Alliance sew clothes on their own”

  • We have enacted election laws. The election law is in front of us. However, issues such as ballot box security, public will, equality, and fairness of representatives remain. The Commonwealth of Nations sew its own dress. There is a very controversial article here. In fact, if you reach an agreement on a particular article, remove a particular phrase, or bring in a particular phrase, consensus may have enacted election legislation. All of Turkey and all of our citizens will feel safe and happy, but unfortunately we have long been unable to reach such a consensus even by the Constitutional Commission.
  • As is known, the first article is about lowering the threshold to 7%. Some of our friends say, “We just dropped it.” Is that enough? In fact, that’s not enough. It is possible to appoint 100,000 signed presidential candidates in the country, but here, if the people do not have an alliance, the party that has won 3 million votes may not be able to elect a substitute. Neither party needs to form an alliance. Forming an alliance is an option. The important thing is that the will of the people is reflected in the ballot box, and as a result, it is represented by this parliament. In my opinion, 7% is not a reward.

“Why isn’t the most experienced judge chairing the Election Commission?”

  • Let’s move on to the issue of senior judges. In the Istanbul elections, a very valuable judge who was the president of the ballot box in the Ankara elections was banished. I will give him his name if you like. You see, Ibrahim Fikli Talman worked as a criminal judge at the Anatolian courthouse. He was 64.5 years old. He was the chairman of the Atashehir District Election Commission, what happened? He was sent to Van. He went to Van, calmed down, tidied up, went to the office and then retired. Is that possible? Many judges were already senior judges who were somehow expelled in the election. Why shouldn’t you trust a judge you describe as first class? Lawyers from youth and women’s branches of your party have recently been elected judges. They went from lawyers to judges and prosecutors. Do these guarantee ballot box security, election security? Of course, I’m not afraid of young people, but I’m afraid they aren’t seniors. What do you look for in a senior judge? Why not the most experienced and most experienced people, the ones who dominate the ballot box, rather than the chair of the Election Commission? Why do you leave it to a lot? The judges aged 60-62 are excellent and have good records. Why is this change? What is the reason for this change?

“It does not violate the principle of equality.”

“It is inconvenient not to include the phrase” President “after the phrase” Prime Minister “has been removed in Article 11. After this becomes a law, the president will sign and publish it in the official bulletin. For example: Mr. Mahmut Tanal has become presidential candidate and Mr. Ercan Bash has become presidential candidate. “We are another. These people go by bus. These people can only use the election aid given to him for election propaganda, but the president of this country has more than 10 planes. Have, he travels with him, he travels in an office car. My minister, isn’t this against the principle of equality? President’s party leader, president, others You should have the same opportunity as all candidates in, and you should not be privileged. What is the harm of adding the phrase “President” to this law? The president would say he wouldn’t do that, but this would make people relax and Turkey relax. How were the prime minister and minister an office car? If he does not use the power of the state, he should not use it, just as the president does not use the means of the state. Did the former Deputy Ministers and Ministers of AKP have a supper in Bestepe most recently? Who pays for this meal? It was a political study, so I asked him why. If there really was a head of state from abroad and we hosted it, I wouldn’t say anything about it. The law must be applied equally to all and to all candidates equally. This situation disturbs us in good faith. I especially say that these three items I mentioned are very unpleasant. Let’s continue the election of senior judges, remove the threshold, and put the phrase “President” in the article about election bans after the prime minister is abolished. “