China again! Immediately before: A corona alarm has occurred!The city is quarantined

17.5 million people are in quarantine!

Due to the increasing number of cases of Kovid-19 in China, quarantine was declared in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with a population of 17.5 million, and transportation restrictions were imposed in Shanghai, the country’s largest city with a population of 24 million.

After the detection of cases in 75 areas in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, one of the largest cities in Guangdong Province, it was decided to apply quarantine in the city.

According to a statement from the Şıncın Epidemic Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all citizens will be subject to three mass tests while access to the city is suspended.

In the statement, all businesses except those that meet the essential needs were temporarily closed, and all officials of the public sector were at home, except for those engaged in epidemic management and protection duties. It was noted to work in.

In addition to city bus and subway services, freight services from the adjacent Hong Kong SAR has temporarily suspended the epidemic wave caused by the incident carrying a variant of Omicron.

Foxconn Group, the world’s largest contract manufacturing service provider for electronic devices, announced that it has suspended manufacturing operations in the city due to the incident. The company mass-produces original designer devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Restrictions on transportation to Shanghai

Meanwhile, traffic restrictions have been imposed on Shanghai, the country’s largest city with a population of 24 million, and 41 local cases have been recorded.

The city administration said in a statement that it had temporarily suspended intercity bus services, asking citizens not to leave the city except when necessary.

The statement noted that those wishing to travel to Shanghai should report a negative result on the Kovid-19 test, which was performed 48 hours before arrival.

1437 cases in the last 24 hours

According to a statement from the National Health Commission, 1437 Kovid-19 cases have been detected in mainland China in the last 24 hours, of which 1337 are of domestic origin.

The most regional cases were recorded in 895 cases of domestic origin in Cilin, 92 in Shandong, 79 in Guangdong, 60 in Shaanxi, and 51 in Hibey.

There were 41 local cases in Shanghai, where the autonomous state is located, 40 cases in Tianjin, and 6 cases in the capital Beijing.

In China, where 100 cases from abroad have been recorded in the last 24 hours, there was no loss of life due to the virus.

In mainland China, where the first Kovid-19 epidemic occurred, 116,902 cases have been detected and 4,636 people have died so far.

Epidemic measures continue to be implemented in the states and cities of the regions where cases occur in the country.

“Zero case” strategy

China is implementing a “zero-case” strategy aimed at curbing the outbreak of Covid-19 and breaking the chain of infections. This strategy includes rigorous and extensive measures such as quarantine, mobility restrictions, and mass testing.

These measures can be controversial in terms of interfering with the normal flow of life and the costs it incurs.

In the face of the situation revealed by the highly contagious variant of Omicron, whether the Beijing administration will change its strategy, and while the countries of the world remove protective measures and return to normal, it will be epidemic. It is unclear how it will continue in the battle.