Child pain sold his house: “I can’t stand it”

The sadness of Gulsevim Asani, the mother of Ibrahim Kang Asani (23), who was shot dead by a police officer Octai Dol (27) in Bursa last year, ended after discussing the damage caused by the traffic accident. do not have. As soon as I left the neighborhood after selling my 24-year-old house, which I couldn’t go out from the day I witnessed the murder, “I die every day for nine months with my son. I can’t stand it anymore.” Said.

The incident occurred on June 9, last year, in the Millet district of the Jurdurum district of Tan Street. After drinking together, Semih Tatlı (27) and Tugay Aras (21) were in the car, and the car collided with a car driven by Ibrahim Kang Asani.

In discussions between the parties after the accident, Asan allegedly pulled a gun and insulted two friends. After leaving the scene, Semih Tatlı and Tugay Aras called his friend Oktay Doğru, who was a police officer at the Barkesil State Police Special Operations Branch, who came to his family in Bursa during his vacation and told him what had happened. .. Oktay Doğru went to Furkan U. (20) and his friends.

Four friends found Ibrahimkan Asani at the beginning of the street where his house is. Police officer Dollar shot Asani trying to escape. The injured Asaya died in the hospital where he was taken.

Life imprisonment trial

Captive police officers Oktay Doğru, Semih Tatlı and Tugay Aras were arrested and Furkan U. was released. A proceeding was filed against the defendant in the Bursa First Higher Criminal Court, demanding life imprisonment for “intentional murder.”

Attending a hearing of the Audiovisual Information System (SEGBIS) from the detention center, Octai Dollar, who made a statement, noticed that he fired at the victim to point his gun at himself. After falling to the ground, he called 155 and provided information, saying that Asaya was not shot from behind and was relieved.

They were discharged in the report

The arrested defendants Semih Tatlı and Tugay Aras did not accept the charges against them and demanded their release.

The court allegedly beat and kicked the deceased, in light of reports from the Istanbul Forensic Institute, which stated that Asani’s death was not due to kicks and punches, but to a bullet hitting her body. Tuttle and Arras were released on condition of judicial control, and Oktay Doğru was imprisoned. He decided to continue. The court postponed the trial to wait for the missing document.

“I’ll take my son here, I sent him here to the grave.”

GülsevimAsani put her house up for sale, explaining that from the day she witnessed the murder, she couldn’t avoid seeing where her son was killed and couldn’t look out the window. Asaya sold her house and left the neighborhood, saying she couldn’t go out if she didn’t need it, because her son, who was preparing for her marriage, was killed in front of her.

Gursevim Asan said goodbye to her house in tears. “I came to this house when I was 21. I took my son and sent him to the grave here. He died with his son every day from 9 months. I can’t stand it anymore. I’m a 24-year-old house. I sold and bought a house from somewhere. I need to save my life. I have a daughter behind me. I am the most murderous murderer. “I am waiting for them to be severely punished. .. It’s a big deal for moms. In the evening, my daughter, I, no one slept. I cried a lot. I came to this house. I will leave home in 2022. I had a son since 9 months, so I sold my house. My son said, “In front of my neighbor’s door, I died in my arms. He came here on my lap and died here in my arms. Worst of the people God caused me. May I give you the situation. I suffer from this. The pain of a child is like nothing. What we have entrusted our lives to from nowhere has taken our lives. “ He said.