Chief Perivan Ismail Baravan: “I Want to Win the Golden Belt”-Sports News

The Metropolitan Municipal ASAT Sports Club has more than 100 wrestlers, 42 of whom are Team A. Ismail Balavan, Ottoman Ainur, Turan Balaban, Yusufkanzeibek, Musta Fabatu, Sengizan Simshek, Shah Arikult, Mende Wrestling, who won the title of Chief Wrestler in the historic Kırkpınar oil wrestling in 2013 and 2017. Selkan Selturk Mustafa Başar, who won the 2006 Kırkpınar head wrestling title. Famous Turkish wrestlers such as Taş and 0054brahim Çoraman are fighting in the metropolitan area. Athletes from the Metropolitan Municipal ASAT Sports Club Wrestling Team will open the 2022 oil wrestling season at Kumulka Wrestling in May.

Baravan is preparing hard

Wrestlers work at a fierce pace with trainer Ufuk Atalan, aiming for a lot of success in the new season. Wrestlers who do weight training, running training and wrestling training six days a week go through an intensive preparatory process. Gold arched chief wrestler Ismail Balavan said he has undergone a rigorous preparatory process since the beginning of the season. Ismail Baravan said he would like to win the Gold Belt again this year, saying: We work six days a week in a disciplined way. This year is more important to me. I’m from last year’s tournament. I want to make up for what I lost this year. I’m working hard for this. “

Ismail Baravan states that they have a great working environment, saying: Our goal is to be at the top of the podium. I haven’t been able to become a champion at Elmal for years. Last year I came to El Mar for the first time. This year, I want to be at the top of the podium in both Kırkpınar and Elmalı. “

Turan Baravan: “It’s a good preparation season”

Ismail Balavan’s twin head wrestler, Turan Balavan, said he wanted to have a good season as a team, win the Golden Belt of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and mark many wrestling organizations.

Yusuf Kang Zeibek: “They compete for the first time in the title of champion this season.”

Yusuf Kang Zeybek, who won first place in head length at Krukpunal in 2021 and won the right to fight head length for the first time in the finals of Elmal’s wrestling, is also a dream of all wrestlers. Kırk pınar. Mustafa Tash, who took the lead last year, emphasized that he was fighting for the first time from the beginning of the season and that he began to get acquainted with his opponents, and that his goal was to win. Golden belt.

Osman Aynur: “He wants to make the people of Antalya happy.”

Osman Aynur, who won the title of Chief Fresler in the historic Kırkpınar oil wrestling in 2006, said they were in good working hours and said, “We have survived the pandemic process. In the last two years, we. Experienced the same difficult process as everyone else in the limits. Starting with local wrestling and getting ready for Kırkpınar. Our training conditions are very good. My goal is my goal. To make all the people of Antalya happy towards the end of their wrestling life, “he said.

Ufuk Atalan: “I want to mark the season”

Ufku Ataran, a trainer for the ASAT Sports Club Wrestling Team in the Metropolitan Municipality, said it is the club with the highest number of wrestlers in Turkey. .. There are over 100 athletes. We value wrestling, a sport of our ancestors. Our team has become a good team of master wrestlers and apprentice wrestlers. Our goal is to win a golden belt at Kurukpunal. ”