Championship words from the manager-Fenerbahce Sports Club


Monday, June 13, 2022 23:48

After the men’s basketball team won the trophy, Secretary-General Brak Charan Kuzlhan and managers Celta Komsol, Mustafa Kemal Danabas, Ozgul Ozactus, Kang Gebetash and Ilkar Dinsai said about the championship: Told.

Our Secretary-General, Burak Çağlan Kızılhan:

“We are very happy. We missed the championship very much. Let’s say we started basketball at the end of this season. Next season we will be with millions of fans including football and other branches. Congratulations to the entire team. Congratulations to Celtac. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the President. We hope that you will always enjoy the championship in this way. I’m very happy. Good luck. I hope I can win another trophy next year. “

Sertaç Komsuoğlu, a member of the board of directors responsible for Fenerbahçe Beko:

“First of all, thank you to the technical team and the players for this beautiful championship. It was a very difficult season. We couldn’t participate in the playoffs and the final four, the location of Fenerbahce in the Euroleague. We are very Sadly, our fans still supported us in the league playoffs. They stood by us. We still have a lot to do. Tired and challenging season I’m done, but I needed this trophy, this championship. I’m very happy.

We would also like to thank Chairman Ali Kochu and the Board of Directors. They have always been with this team throughout the season. They believed and trusted this team. I also thank my family. I spent the most time from them during the season. We spent time with the team with them. Today, at least with this trophy, we have the opportunity to apologize to them. We are very happy and very excited, but nothing is done.

New season. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic, I think we will be actively working in both the EuroLeague and the league. Hopefully the season will start in a way that makes fans happier. “

Board member Mustafa Kemal Danabas:

“It’s a lot of work. Congratulations to the basketball team, congratulations to the basketball team, congratulations to the technical team, management team, and Mr. Sertachi. More. Congratulations on everyone’s efforts and hearts. May it be a gift to our president, our administration, and our community. In fact, I say nothing No. There was only one thing I was very interested in. This trophy was supposed to be lifted at the Ulkel Sports and Event Hall (!), But was lifted here tonight. Against the Fenerbache community No one is against, and no one is against the great supporters of Fenerbache. It’s not up to anyone! Good luck, everyone. “

Özgür Özaktaç, members of the board of directors:

“Sertaç Bey says everything I have to say. Congratulations to the entire team, players, technical teams and board members. A gift to the entire Fenerbahce community. Now I am in my heart. I have a question. Send the trophy to Ataşehir! But who will lift it? Waiting to lift the trophy. The person who wants to lift (!) Will be a gift to all of us. Thank you. ”

Our board members can Gebetaş:

“I wish the fans had witnessed this enthusiasm if they had won in front of their spectators, but in the end they didn’t have to leave it there. Not much to say. We’re happy. After a significant season, the team ended the season with at least a championship trophy, and the team provided some relief from the sadness of the Final Four. Well, next year, on the 100th anniversary of our republic, soccer, basketball. , In both other branches, and wherever Fenerbache competes, it’s already playing for the top, championship. I hope it will continue to be successful. Thank you. “

0054lker Dinçay, Board Member:

“We received a very important and very valuable trophy from a very important competitor. It was too long and the end of the season, all the tournaments and so on. All over. This trophy is over. In fact, I think this trophy is a pioneer of many trophies that the community has launched. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. I think the correct answer goes to the right people. It was very valuable to us to receive this trophy here. There is no longer a very nice message. The trophy is also very valuable. Players, technical teams, managers Sertachi, president, and contributions. Congratulations to everyone. “