Championship Secret Hero: Paolo Maldini-TRT Spor

Milan won the championship race at the rival Inter and won the Scudetto 11 years later.

The club, which bottomed out in 2018 with Milan’s owner Lee Yonghiro at the time, finished the longing championship within four years.

If anyone contributes to this success as much as a coach or soccer player, it’s the club’s legendary name, Paolo Maldini.

The legendary defender works closely with club CEO Ivan Gazidis, sporting directors Frederic Massara and Geoffrey Moncada (Scout Chief).

The championship was just a dream for Milan when Maldini took over as head of the technical team in 2019, as Juventus had already embargoed Serie A at that time.

The club managers of the time, Zvonimir Boban and Maldini, appointed Marco Giampaolo as head coach.

But the results were not what they expected, and the union lasted only four months.

Milan was looking for a name to lead the team until the end of the season, and that was a chance for Pioli at that time.

However, CEO Gazidis had in mind a top-down change for the team and wanted to do it with Ralf Rangnick.

Neither Boban nor Maldini were consulted on this decision, and eventually Boban resigned from his post.

Meanwhile, Maldini stood behind Pioli on behalf of Rangnick and asked him to continue his mission.

A good match was played in the summer of 2020, and the good results were evidence that Maldini made the right choice.

He changed his mind at Gazidis and continued Pioli, and that decision was an important moment in this year’s championship.

There are three main items in a club plan. A market based on financial integration, salary caps, and young players.

Milan didn’t spend millions of dollars while winning the championship 11 years later.

Maldini made his first transfer in 2019 with the acquisition of Theo Hernandez. Currently, this player is considered one of the best leftbacks in the world.

Theo Hernandez talks about Maldini.

“I was on the verge of being transferred to Bayer Leverkusen, but he turned everything over. We met at Ibiza and talked about football, and soon realized that Milan was the right place. rice field.”

Rafael Leão, one of the stars of the season, also describes the transfer process as follows:

“The club acknowledged my interest. If I get a call from Paolo Maldini, I can’t refuse it. And finally I accepted this new challenge.”

In addition to Theo and Leo, Tonari, Ismaël Bennacel, Brescia’s Salemekas, and Brahim Diaz are also Maldini’s works.

The target team was to blend young and ambitious players with experienced players.

For this reason, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Olivier Giroud and Simon Kjær were included in the team.

Zlatan, in particular, led the team on and off the field, leading to a long journey in Serie A.

Milan also pays close attention to contract renewals.

At the end of last season, instead of paying more, he broke up with key players on the team, such as Donnaruma and Hakan Calhanor.

Making such a decision is not easy, especially when it comes to Donnaruma, who grew up from the club’s infrastructure.

However, Maldini’s philosophy is clear and no player is as important as AC Milan.

Milan replaced Donnaruma with Maignan, who won the reel, and the French player was selected as the goalkeeper for Serie A this season.

The same is true for Franck Kessié. His contract has expired and he will probably contract with Barcelona.

Let’s see the name Maldini fills his place.