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Trabzonspor wins the championship rope in the Super League Of the player And team performance I was bitten by my finger. After success at the European level, many statistics have brought Burgundy blue to the forefront. This is the storm to the happy ending Nine factors leading to:

Has one of the largest shares in the championship Uglucan Chakul became a giant in his castle.

Breaking his career record with 3.46 saves per game, 26-year-old Globe was ranked fifth in Europe for this performance. Vicario (Empoli), Ortega (A. Bielefeld), Meslier (Leeds United) When To Sommer (M’Gradbach)’passed it. Ugurkan also won three penalty saves.
The biggest strength of the BLACK SEA team this season is 13 goals-10 assists. Nuwakaeme, Record contributions to 17 of his 19 opponents make. The Nigerian star earned a bonus of 28.5 million TL points with his efficiency. Experienced left wing. Yeni Malatya, Sivaspor, Giresun, Galatasaray, Kasimpasha, Konyaspor, Alanyaspor, Kayserispor, Fenerbahce, Goztepe, Ç.Rizespor, Beşiktaş, Gaziantep FK, Karagümrük, Basaksehill, Adana iron When To Altai Generated a score.
MAROON-MAV0054LLER blew like a storm in the field. Şenol Günes was undefeated in 19 games at the sports complex this season. With this performance, he achieved 12 wins and 7 draws. PSG And Liverpool The best in Europe.
Trabzonspor has shown its advantage over the Big Three.
Bordeaux Bruce, the closest rival in the league Fenerbahce 8, Besiktas 22 When 29 points from Galatasaray I managed to finish in front of him.
ABDULLAHAvcı students lag behind in the Super League With 12 game points out of 15 games (6G-6B) is out. The best Trabzonspor in the field scored 24 points.
In the TRABZONSPOR Championship, five soccer players contributed to the double-digit score. Nuwakaeme (13 goals-10 assists), Bakasetas (8 goals-4 assists), Abdülkadir Ömür (7 goals-3 assists), Cornelius (15) Goal-3 assist) When Djaniny (10 goals-3 Assist) They carry the burden of the team.
It was one of the most successful teams in Europe.
Burgundy Blue Team, many (81) It was the 10th club that scored points.

He left behind teams such as Naples (79), Bayern Munich (77), Benfica (74) and Barcelona (73).
Black Sea, who signed a comeback in many games The least in Europe Defeated 3rd team (3) As mentioned. He was ahead of Porto (1) and Liverpool (2).
Trabzon had no problems scoring this season. 722 attack attempts Burgundy blue The team scored 69 goals, 9.6 percent 3rd place in the league with success. It was ranked.

A 26-year-old player who is one of the key players in the championship. This season he played in five different positions, including Defender, Lightback, Midfielder, Front Libero and Lightback. DOrukhan Toköz has become one of the hidden heroes of the Trabzonspor championship. In his performance, he not only made his fans love him, but also won a big thank you to Director Abdullah Abju. 26-year-old actress, where Even if he plays, he plays the teacher’s trust It wasn’t wasted. When Dorkhan, who plays the role of full-duty man, is not Bruno Peres Right back Dress up, In the middle He did not look for Hamsík’s absence.In defense Denswill’s He filled the defender’s tandem with an injury. National soccer player, Front libero When on the right He also made a great contribution to the team by playing from time to time. Dorkhan Tokoz has been at the forefront of his statistics throughout the season.Every match 3.1 Steel league best While being a third player He had a hard time clearing 1.7 passcuts and 1.8. Soccer players across the country have also shown very effective performance in attacks. 2 goals-2 assists Dorkhan, who appeared at a critical moment, 84% pass success and match He averaged 29.8 passes per person.