Championship is waiting for us-last sports news


“I want a dominant, pressured and competitive team. We eliminate misery.”
Galatasaray’s Okan Buruk period officially began with the 1 + 1 year signature signed yesterday. The 48-year-old coach attended the signing ceremony at NEF Stadium with the words, “Our only goal is the championship.” “To fans of last season His misery is as soon as possible. Try to eliminate He set the first fire. Experienced coaches emphasized that with the new structure he creates, he wants a dominant team that fights, struggles in the field and has an edge over his opponents. “Psychologically everything Undo the player And on the way to the championship Do your best We do.Championship Waiting for us “

I know everyone first
“I want to see and know all the players. After acquaintance the best How can i do that I will look at it. Some names will be with us, which can be useful for young players to take out a loan. I experienced this with the example of Yunus Akgun. “

Uzbek: Future We plan for 30 years
The president of G.SARAY Dursun Özbek issued a statement at the signing ceremony. Uzbekistan said he wants to improve the financial structure while achieving the success of the sport, “We need to plan for the next 25-30 years of Galatasaray. The goal of football is championship. We put a lot of effort into it. We are working on it. We can. “

Arrived normally
“Our main goal is to make our fans happy. 2017-18 of our 10 transfers made during the term All of them played and led Galatasaray to the championship. I took it. It was the product of a joint effort. His brother Okan is here today not because he is from Galatasaray. Caught before To be successful and here More than enough to serve this club Deserves it. “

MY SON SMILE We live every day
“Today is a very important day for me. I have signed Galatasaray as a coach. Moreover My son (Ali Yibit Burg) too birthday. He was the happiest when I was a Galatasaray coach. I hope it suits him. His natural achievements, He laughs We live every day. “


TERIM called immediately
“The FATIH teacher is invaluable to me. We worked together for many years and won the championship. He is a great name for Galatasaray. He called me yesterday. ‘I wish you good luck.From our hands No matter what comes, you can ask We are with you in everything. “ Said. I also told Fati’s teacher that he was on the right path for a Turkish coach. In Galatasaray I will do my best Do more I said. In that sense, I am very grateful to the teacher. “

Bidirectional middle field Supplement
You need reinforcements as a staff member. Especially in the middle stage, we will work hard on the shortcomings. Midfielders must be played on both sides of the game. Number of turks here Time is important. Calculate the number of turks needs.

I’m always from G.SARAY
“I’m from Galatasaray, my late father, so we have a family background. I won nearly 20 cups. UEFA Cup, super cup, this League championship with won. I have always kept the support of Galatasaray. After all, I’m human. You can make mistakes. “

Preparing for Double Strong …
“Dagne is back from the injury. I don’t know the situation. Galatasaray has to be with many players in the area. In this sense I can make one reinforcement. I also play with a format I double striker. Played. Evaluate them all with the right players. “

I use 4 defenses
“I played 4-3-3 at the champion Basakshehir. Sometimes I used 4-4-2. I think the defense is 4 seconds. There may be tactical changes in the field.”

For fans: Let’s stay together
“I want my fans to be with teams of all kinds. Our goal is big. We want to succeed. We want to act and unite together.”

The strongest candidate for the championship
not to mention In Uzbekistan’s election slogan “Rebuilding the love climate of the community” I want to make His rhetoric had a serious response. The appointment of Okan Buruk as Galatasaray’s chief has created a great deal of excitement among fans. Okan Hodja returned to the hut where he was now a teacher when he was a kid. He emphasized that he wanted to lead a successful football life as a coach of Galatasaray. especially Play both sides of the game in the middleI’ll eat It’s right that the player wants Was detected. It was a wonderful swing trio that Okan Buruk formed with Emre and Suat in Galatasaray between 1996 and 2000. The fact that he got a pre-season job a week ago showed that he wanted to roll up his sleeves in Floria. For local players, Okan-sensei is also an opportunity. In the past He knew his absence and existence when he was an actor. Harmonious behavior with management I believe they do. Galatasaray is a leading candidate for the Turkish Cup with the Championship and Okan Buruk.