Central exam guide published within 2022 LGS

Central exam guide published within 2022 LGS

The application form and application form for the central examination within the scope of the high school transition system (LGS) to be held by the Ministry of National Education on June 5, this year have been issued.

At the end of the 2021-202 academic year, a central exam application and application guide for secondary institutions to accept students by exam was published on the website “www.meb.gov.tr”.

Procedures and Principles for Central Exams to Select 8th Grade Anatolian Technical Program Students in Science High School, Social Science High School, Project School, Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, and Public and Private Secondary Schools, Imam Hatip Secondary School, etc. It included a school and a temporary education center.

No additional steps are required to apply for the exam.

Minister of Education Mahmut Uther shared the following information in a statement regarding the LGS Guide: “Applications for the Central Exam, which will apply on June 5, 2022 within the scope of the LGS, will be centrally conducted by the Ministry from April 4-14. 2022. The automated application process will be studied domestically. It is performed by all students who are in the 8th grade. This is for 8th grade students. Students studying at a school that is not enrolled in the e-School system will apply by filling out a form. Students and parents do not need to make a physical application to apply for the exam.

Students who apply automatically by the ministry are not obliged to take the exam, saying, “Students who want to take the exam will be able to take the exam without the need for an application process.” I used a phrase.

There is no change in the exam

“The LGS Central Exam has no changes in sessions, exam times, number of questions, or course allocation. As with last year, the exam will be held in two sessions in 2022. Ask students. A total of 90 multiple-choice questions. “

An accessible guide for visually and hearing impaired students was created for the first time this year.

Mahmut Özer, as a ministry, has conducted many new studies on special education students, saying, “As a ministry, for the first time this year, a central exam application and application guide for secondary education institutions that will accept students by exam in 2022.” .. We have used “Voice Description” and “Voice Description” to make it editable and accessible in “Sign Language” for hearing-impaired students. I gave the information.

Entry documents will be announced from May 27th

According to the guide, the photo exam entry document will be published on the e-School Parents Information System from May 27th. As of this date, the school board will receive, seal and hand over the student’s exam admission documents to the student.

The first session will start at 09.30 Turkish time and the second session will start at 11.30.

In the first session, students will receive a total of 50 questions from Turkish, Turkish Revolutionary History and Kemalism, Religious Culture and Ethics, and Foreign Language Courses, and will be given 75 minutes of response time. In the second session, a total of 40 questions will be asked from the math and science course and can be answered in 80 minutes. The number of correct and incorrect answers is determined for each subtest in the verbal and numerical sections. The raw score for each student in each subtest is calculated by subtracting one-third of the number of incorrect answers from the number of correct answers in the relevant test.

The test results will be announced on June 30, 2022 at the Internet address “www.meb.gov.tr”. Documents of test results will not be mailed.

Click here to access the Central Exam Application Form and Application Guide for secondary schools that will accept students for the 2022 exam.

Click here for a version edited using audio guides for a central exam application and application guide for secondary education institutions that accept students by exam in 2022, created for visually impaired students. please.

Using sign language, click on the 2022 Secondary Education Central Examination Application and Application Guide prepared for hearing-impaired students.