Celebration of Nevles in Diyarbakir: Show Ankara this square!

Altan Sunker

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Located in Diyarbakir Bar “Neuro’s Park”Many people attended the Nevruz celebration under the leadership of HDP. There were obstacles at the entrance to the celebration area, but there were police interventions in several places.

Photo: Diken / Altan Sancar

Those who came to the area where the celebration took place early in the morning entered the area for the first few hours of the day without encountering any obstacles. In the next few hours, police who were blocking the entrance to the gate into the celebration area encountered a reaction.

Kemal Kurkut, a college student who was killed by a police bullet in 2017 before the event, was commemorated where he was shot.

Thousands of waiting citizens reacted, claiming that the entrance was intentionally blocked. As tensions increased from place to place, police intervened in the crowd with tear gas and pressurized water. People who could not enter the area celebrated by the surrounding fire. People in local clothing could not enter the area.

European guests on the guest list were deported, but guests from Middle Eastern countries refused to show their passport numbers and were not allowed to enter the area.

“Everywhere is the Nowruz area”

HDP Ayşe Acar Başaran, “Opening the barricade, Nowruz is celebrated here today. If you don’t allow it, all the streets of Diyarbakir are the Nowruz area for us.” Said.

Among the politicians who attended the celebration of the songs sung by artists Loida, Azad Bedran, Sarbet Kokakaya, Kazo and Eleanor, Democratic Parliament Co-Chair Badan Ozturk, People’s Democratic Party Co-Chair Pervin Bourdan, Democratic Party Co-Chair Sariha was attended by Kurdish politician Ahmet Turk, a nearby HDP former MP Musa Farisourari, and HDP agents, leaders, and representatives of Kurdish political parties who were released from prison at the same time.

The slogan was often shouted in favor of PKK leader Abdullah Okaran, while the locals danced to the accompaniment of the song.

“The best president is President Cyril.”

While the stage issued a warning as the slogan shouted, Selahattin Demirtash, a former co-chair of the HDP, was also warned. “The best president is President Cyril.” The slogan was raised.

Ahmet Türk mentions the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of unity between Kurdish political parties. “People fighting each other in Europe are standing together against Russia. From here there is a lesson for Kurds to learn.” Said.

Saliha Aydeniz also said that Kurdish unity was important and that Kurdish was under pressure. They said they would act with Kurdish parties, “Kurdish faces a ban. As a Kurdish alliance, we will fight until the Kurds become the official and educational languages. For 100 years, the Republic of Turkey has become a single language and a single flag. It has been built on the basis. I used a phrase.

For Pervin Buldan “Let Ankara see this square and let Ankara see Amed.” He called Ankara.

Reminds me of Okaran’s letter

Bourdan, who began his speech in commemoration of Dennis Poiras and Kemal Krkut, noted the importance of Nevruz in Kurdish history.Crowd in the field “He declared they would not give up justice, peace and democracy.” Bourdan reminded me of Abdullah Okaran’s letter read in the same area in 2013.

“Everyone needs to take a closer look at this square and read the message that comes out of it. Let Ankara look at this square and let Ankara look at Amed. “Now is the time to win” Come to think of it, the whole picture emerges. You have once again shown that history, identity and culture are banned and will not accept this order.

As an HDP and Kurdish, I once again declare that I will stand behind a letter read in Amed Nevruz in 2013. We have all seen what the government, fearing a solution, has done to this country. We are all witnessing it. This dominant mind applied isolation to peace. This government has imposed isolation on democracy, people’s brotherhood, our identity, and our language. There are governments that oppose democratic politics. This is the situation they brought this country to today … “

Key party highlights

HDP “Key party” Bourdan said he was responsible for solving all domestic problems. They say they are behind the declaration made on September 27, 2021 as HDP.“We are calling again from here to every segment, every belief, every person who is not with us. We believe that the solution to the problem lies in people and society. It brings peace to the country, democracy and justice. ” I used a phrase.

Nevles Celebration in Diyarbakır: The entrance to the area was blocked and police intervened