Celebration of “May 19” from the sports world

At the Memorial Ceremony of Ataturk Youth Sports Day on May 19, Turkish Football Federation (TFF) and Turkish Football Federation (TBF) President Hideto Turcol, Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor congratulated.

The shared congratulatory message is:


“Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk laid the foundation for our republic with an independent fire that ignited in Samsung on May 19, 1919, 103 years ago.

May 19; The day that changed the fate of the nations that advocated an exemplary struggle for freedom to the world, their lives saying, “I will sacrifice my life for my homeland.” It’s a heroic epic of the country where you bet. “

Ataturk celebrates this meaningful day for the younger generation, who will protect the republic forever, with the words, “We have built a republic. You are the one who builds the republic and keeps it alive.” I gave it as.

The Turkish Football Federation is proud to be the same age as the Republic and, with the youth who guarantees the future, is responsible for raising the sporting culture to a higher level and will never give up on it. Understanding the level of roads drawn by Ataturk and the development of football across the country.

With these feelings and thoughts, we have left this unique hometown to commemorate Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk, his fellow army, and all the heroes with mercy, respect and gratitude. Our whole country, especially our youth.


“We are proud and enthusiastic about the 103rd anniversary of Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk’s landing in Samsung to start the Revolutionary War. On May 19, 1919, Bandurma Ferry brings the future of the country to Anatolia. Carried and prepared a turning point in our history.

This important day, which symbolizes the first steps in the great and difficult struggle on the road to freedom and independence, is entrusted to our youth and sports in every corner of our country. Our youth who are the unwavering trustees of the Republic. It continues to guarantee our bright tomorrow with the same faith and hope that spread from Samsung to the whole country on May 19, 1919.

We recognize the value of young people and believe that contributing to the physical and mental development of young people through sports is our most fundamental duty. Changes in direction and new rules in this direction have increased the number of athletes in the Youth Regional Championships in the U14, U16 and U18 age categories by 165% for girls and 90% for boys.

The Basketball Junior League, which began with the future of Turkish basketball and the development of young athletes, is becoming more successful each year. When BGL was launched, infrastructureless teams began to become important infrastructure brands. BGL’s young athletes are proud of all of us by reaching the A Men’s National Team and the NBA.

As the Turkish Basketball Federation. Going forward, we will continue to raise the flag around the world by introducing sports to more young people and nurturing successful athletes. With these thoughts; thanks to the martyrs and veterans who fought for this heaven, especially Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk and all the heroes of the Revolutionary War. We sincerely congratulate you on May 19th at the Ataturk Youth Sports Day Memorial Ceremony. “

Besiktas President Ahmet Null Sebi

“Our great leader Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk’s struggle for independence in Samsung has been solid forever and was crowned with the Declaration of our Republic, which will bring victory four years later.

Ataturk is the biggest fan of Besiktas who gave Turkey May 19th. Turning May 19th into the Ataturk Memorial, Youth and Sports Day is a victory for Besiktas.

“19 May Youth and Sports Day” has been celebrated from generation to generation with great enthusiasm and pride since it was proposed by Ahmet Fetgeri Aşen, one of the founders on behalf of our club in 1935. ..

We celebrate Ataturk Youth Sports Day on May 19th for all our citizens, especially our youth, the future of our republic. With respect and gratitude, protect, glorify and arm his companions. “


“Today we are living the 103rd anniversary of May 19, 1919, which is considered the start date of the national struggle when the Turkish people’s hopes of independence and freedom turned into faith. It was lit.

Our great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said, “The rise of a new generation, the future is yours. We have established a republic. You are the one who establishes and continues it.” And presented this meaningful day to Turkish youth. The process of national struggle begins, and to the future of our country. He is responsible for raising the Republic of Turkey to the level of modern civilization and transferring the idea of ​​unity and solidarity to future generations.

As a Turkish citizen, it is our greatest duty to fulfill this responsibility and duty given to us by Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk.

We honor the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, his brother, and all the martyrs who fought for this hometown, where they set foot in Samsung and began the struggle for independence 103 years ago today. .. We celebrate Ataturk Anniversary, our country as a whole, especially our youth and sports day.


The 103rd anniversary of the arrival of our great leader Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk in Samsung to burn the fire of the Revolutionary War, the independence struggle of our country.

We commemorate our great leader, his armed companions, and the martyr with respect, gratitude, and mercy.

The Fenerbache Sports Club celebrates the Ataturk Memorial Youth and Sports Day on May 19th with hundreds of athletes and millions of fans from nine branches.

We are the indomitable guards of the Republic and are in the footsteps of our father forever …


“We celebrate May 19th, the Day of Youth and Sports, a sign of the struggle for independence and the future, and all the martyrs, especially the Supreme Commander Veteran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his companions. I am merciful and commemorate. “

New Malatya Sport

“We step into Samsung and commemorate Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk, his armed companion, and all the martyrs who lit the fire of independence 103 years ago today.”