Cebi’s Emirhan statement: We’re trying to persuade, but it doesn’t work


If you transfer a player who plays 600 minutes, you will be betrayed. Can Bozdoğan has fixed a price of 1.2 million euros, which so far has not been offered higher or lower. We started to reap the fruits of our operations in our infrastructure. Our young people in their youth left money and started going to Besiktas. Necip he played with us every 20 years and was able to sell Atınç. If you were successful in doing this in the last period, you contributed a lot by asking questions of teachers and voicing policies.

“Nothing about Emilhan is finished yet.”
Nothing is finished about Emirhan yet. But if the players don’t want it, I don’t put pressure on them. they are not slaves. They have worked since childhood. Offered a five-year contract for 5 million TL. This is not a number to underestimate. Over the last 20 years, her 3-4 children removed from infrastructure have been in demand from Europe. This is my fault and my management. We don’t hire people who don’t want to stay. Besides, I can’t stop a child who says he has a dream. If our child goes, may God make his way clear. The terms of the deal were what he and his manager wanted. Without this product, Besiktas would not have received his 4.5 million euros. We also have his 20% of the next sale. If this friend is his €30 million, the next sale will give him €6 million. In total he earned nearly 11 million euros, which is not a small amount.He explained the latest situation regarding Emirhan.

“I’m considering a few more supplements.”

Ahmet Nur Sevi, who has said he is considering a transfer, said:We are considering transferring 1-2 more reinforcements. We are working on midfield, wings and defenders. We are also thinking about how it can be solved from the infrastructure players. If you don’t send youth players overseas, other kids should act with this in mind. Last year, 3-4 players came, but this year, 4 will come. We have Oxzan Akgün and we have goalkeeper Emre. we have many children. As for Kerem Atakan, not even his quarter of 4.5 million euros was demanded. Our discussion continues. If you look at the coaches from Besiktas, none of them practice to put their team in a difficult situation. Emirhan’s manager is unfortunately Hasic and Ljajic’s manager. His partner is also the manager of some basketball players. I don’t enjoy working with them. They tell us to close the door to infrastructure, but after 18, everyone is free. The issue here is your player. they have a family. Things change when parents lead their children. Önder Kararaveli was the teacher who installed Emirhan on the system, and Emirhan’s family did not answer teacher Önder’s calls. Even the family I met over the years when I was a youth player didn’t want to see me. Emirhan turned 18 in January and signed a new contract in April and May. 5 million TL was given to children. I don’t know what people who see this little thing want. We made an offer, but he said he didn’t want to play for Besiktas in Turkey. The transfer is not yet complete.We try to persuade the child, but it doesn’t work” he continued.

“I won’t warn you this time. Our reaction will be heavy.”

Continuing his speech by answering questions asked about refereeing, Ahmet Nur Cebi said:The new federation is working hard. But we will see the referee’s decision during the season. As Besiktas, they will see a very harsh reaction if they make a mistake. We said, “Don’t whistle at them.”Nothing we say after this hour constitutes a warning. Our reaction will be harsh” Said.

Describing that the atmosphere within the team is also very good, Chebi said:The bonds, camaraderie, and friendships within the team are even higher than the championship season. The first rule to becoming a champion is to work hard and pay your team’s salary on time, but to experience an atmosphere of camaraderie.The pandemic-winning championship two years ago is never talked about as a success, only about last year’s situation and infrastructure. It’s been 3 years since we came. Before that, I quit my job. In 5 years, we had 14-15 contracts that we were unable to close. The footballer has signed his 5-year contract for 4 million euros. There was an election three months ago. Non-candidate men write and draw in the streets. Valerien Ismael is our teacher, I like her and believe she will succeed. Many teams lost results in friendly matches. Competitors’ results are not criticized, but criticizing the teacher’s system is a strategy for ill-wishers. Anyone can discuss Sensei’s tactics. However, I don’t think it’s right to criticize based on the result of the friendly match. There are no winning situations here. The goal is to see the cannon. These friends are not evaluating the result of the friendly in Austria, but are discussing the match in Spain. Soccer is a result-oriented game. These matches, played under supervision without waiting for the results, are aimed solely at harming the team.