“Caspian Sea Corridor” relocated from Turkey!

In appreciation of the two-day official visit to AA in Kazakhstan, Octai said there was a fierce agenda in the region due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

By saying that such a period imposes very different responsibilities on Turkey, Octai reminded that the country with the longest border with Russia is its sister country, Kazakhstan.

He said he visited Kazakhstan, a member of the Turkic Council, to discuss and evaluate economic and commercial relationships, and to discuss ways to work together to end the crisis in the region.

-30 years of diplomatic relations

During a visit with a large delegation, Octai said he had met with Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev, Prime Minister Alikhan Ismailov, all relevant ministers, government officials, representatives of various agencies and businessmen. I did. We would like to thank Mr. Tayyip Erdogan for the 30th anniversary of Mr. Tokaev, President of Kazakhstan. ” Said.

Fuat Oktay said he had scrutinized economic and commercial relationships, especially within the framework of the Joint Economic Commission, and as a result of the investigation, agreed on a very comprehensive action plan involving many sectors.

Octai said he is in talks to make the connection between Turkey and Kazakhstan more accessible in terms of logistics and transportation, especially customs, thus communicating with all other countries in the region. Said that would be much more convenient. Vice President Fuat Oktay continued:

“We have been working on ways to make common corridors more functional for the future in the areas of rail and road transport. This already existed in the past and is currently being evaluated. We have made some decisions. This momentum will continue. In the future, export trains arrive in this region almost every day from Turkey and extend to China. The Caspian Sea Corridor is very concentrated. We want to create a line called Trans Caspian that will be operated on a regular basis. It already exists. But we want to increase and expand our capabilities. We hope that all of this will happen. Again, there are very serious opportunities in the fields of agriculture and mining and energy. “

-“Turkestan is a city that flows through spiritual Pinar”

Fuat Oktay, who also visited the historic city of Turkestan after official contact in Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan, said Turkestan is important in terms of its cultural and historical identity.

Vice President Octai described the region as “a region of spiritual fountains, looking back on the unity of Turkey’s world.” We explain it as follows:

“We can directly associate Turkestan and Konya with the Mevlana. Farabi and his Excellency Hoka Ahmet Jesebi and Hatch Vector Schiveri can be directly associated here. This place is a lot of Turkish spirituality. There is an international university here as well, which can be associated with and can see the fountain. Unless I misunderstand, it is a university that accepts more than 30 students from different countries. HocaAhmet Yesevi International Turkey Kazakh University has 16,000 students. It has a wonderful campus. It has a library, a faculty of medicine, an engineering faculty, and strong academic staff in the fields of humanities and social sciences, sports, and all fields. Unity and solidarity, in fact solidarity. , And given the routes through which the fountain flows, this is a center where they can be scientifically evaluated, developed and associated with spiritual and historical aspects. Turkey and Kazakhstan play together They are shining increase.”