Call to Prime Minister Erdogan’s “election” staff: “We must make good use of every moment.”

AKP Chair and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will evaluate the agenda at the AKP Parliamentary Group Meeting.

The highlights of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks are:

“Since the last group meeting, 31 legislations have been enacted at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, 27 of which are international conferences. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has notified the General Assembly of the latest developments in Ukraine. Groups, Commissions, General Assembly, and GNAT It works and produces. The better we make the Gazi Parliament work, the stronger we will keep our country’s hopes. “

“Given that we have only 15 months left until the election, we have to appreciate every moment of our work very well. We are heading for our 16th ballot box victory. Prepare the party and carry it with you. “

Target CHP

“Turkey’s misfortune has long been deprived of the opposition’s leadership and style. We have a bad CHP in the country as well as in itself. We lost in 16 elections. The CHP, which the CHP was supposed to be chasing, formed an alliance without dare to mention their name openly.

“But at least the photos the alliance has revealed so far make us laugh and sometimes surprise. If you haven’t decided on the order to sit at the table yet, how do you take the necessary effective and courageous steps? I wonder.”

“Nowhere in the world is the opposite logic of” stop “threatening contractors who have already stood up and made huge investments. What kind of understanding is this? Those who have not yet selected a presidential candidate went directly into the prime minister’s negotiations. Is there a quorum in Congress? It is not. Even this ridiculous middle game is enough to show how the enemy is trying to deceive the country. “

“Turkey will soon remain facing the problems it faces, as it has always done. Turkey has once again proved its resilience to shock with its productivity and employment.

“People trying to collect black clouds all over the country through oil …”

“We will place all the relics we bring into the country freely for 85 million people without discrimination. They called for” destroying the economy “during yesterday’s Gezi event. It was us. They were the ones who rubbed their hands between our nations. Yesterday I was suffering from terrorist attacks and economic attacks. Yesterday, those who tried to collect dark clouds above the country with potato onion oil once again said, “Turkey will soon leave the problems it is facing now. The fall they are persistently pursuing will remain. Opposition Those who did not make concrete and rational proposals, even if they were factions, that is, those who became comfortable, would not be suddenly enlightened when they came to power. “

“The delusions they incite and show themselves are enough to reveal their true intentions. Our country never entrusts the country to this spirit. We are these facts. , Work, service, and the balanced policies we follow must always be reminded. Faced with a global crisis. We drown all lies in truth and instantly, all delusions. Must be drowned immediately.

Explanation of “inflation”: The same problem has the same problem in developed countries

“Inflation is not unique to Japan, but it is true that developed countries are suffering from the same problem.”

“We are facing the cost of living caused by rising exchange rates and rising EMTIA prices. There is such a situation in the world. In the process, Turkey has once again demonstrated its resilience to the impact of production and employment. The world economy shrank 3.1, but Turkey grew 1.8 in 2020. “We have become one of the two countries that have grown with China. Despite soaring input prices. Turkey’s economy was 11% in the last decade of 2021. “

“Despite the rise in exchange rates, our per capita income increased $ 900 year-on-year to $ 9,535,” he said.

“Employment has exceeded 30 million”

“As of December last year, employment has reached historic levels with over 30 million people. The war between Russia and Ukraine will also have a negative impact on our inflation. We have taken many steps. I’ve been.

“We continue to protect our citizens with electricity and gas subsidies, and we are closely monitoring the increase in fuel oil. If possible, we will increase the number of drillships to five. The drilling work will be even more powerful. We are doing whatever we need to do in response to fluctuations in food prices. “

Russia-Ukraine War

“We also do not accept witch-hunting practices for Russians, literature, students and artists, such as the accusations of Ukraine.”

“The spirit that distinguishes those who are oppressed by their religion, origin, and color has nothing to do with humanity or civilization.”

“The region where our country is located has had painful and difficult days over the last 11 years. The crisis of 12 million people leaving their homes in Syria continues. This process continues mercilessly. So we had a hard time turning this into a basin of peace as much as possible. As we saw on the screen, a child licking the tears of a crying mother. “

“This morning I saw a policeman hitting his father’s helmet and seeing his mother trying to take care of his children behind him. This is unscrupulous. We should revive the children of peace. Interests are at stake and no measures have been taken to prevent slaughter in our area for 11 years. Neighboring countries have suffered a lot, but developed countries have excluded messages of condemnation. Did not oppose the persecution.

“They tried to thwart our operations aimed at bringing stability to the region. The spirit of distinguishing people oppressed by their skin color has nothing to do with humanity or civilization. Race. This perspective of high discrimination is shameful to humankind. “

See Deleted Russian Orchestra Chief

“We do not accept witch-hunting practices for Russians, artists and literature. Looking at the situation, we have been fired as the conductor of Putin’s friend, the German Symphony Orchestra. Is it nonsense? Dostoevsky? Works are banned. Is this nonsense? “How is it different from Hulag, who has burned down the library in Baghdad in history? It’s the same. Unfortunately, at this time of the century, we politicians have made them. It really hurts to see. Every time they open their mouths and every time human rights and freedoms fail, our country has passed the test of mankind again. “

Details are approaching …