Call from TAF President Chintimal to Russian Athletes-TRTSpor

Fatih Çintimar issued a statement to AA correspondents, evaluating that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine has banned Russian and Belarusian athletes from the competition by the World Athletics Associations.

Cintimal said it was right for the League of Nations to put pressure on Russia with sanctions to stop the war. “That’s true because the World Games Association and the International Olympic Committee have made such a decision. We said,” There is no war. ” I want you to start a war. Thank God with the insight of the President, the head of a very serious executive who governs our country. I want to be a country that can escape from this war without any accidents. I don’t want sports to be involved in that, but “To prevent Russia from causing a bigger crisis, the whole world needs to intervene. Sports also intervenes in this way. We support this. To do.” He said.

Fatih Çintimar pointed out that Russia has important athletes in many branches. “Sports are peace and friendship. Athletes need to take steps to stop this war. There are also great athletes in Russia. At least stop the war, even if it is not strong enough to stop it. They need to have an initiative. It will calm the situation and invite their countries to be more friendly to this issue. I hope. “ I used the phrase.

“We have a large and serious infrastructure in athletics.”

President Cintimal said he sees a much brighter future for Turkey’s athletics.

Explaining the good results at the Balkan Indoor Athletics Championships in Istanbul, Cintimal said:

“We are a Balkan family from 22 countries. After becoming president of the Balkan Athletics Federation, we hosted the first organization in Turkey. Athletes from 19 countries participated. It was a good organization. Has earned a serious and important degree. There is a future development of infrastructure in athletics. We are going to take this development further with the support of the President and the Minister of Youth Sports. Participated in the finals with young athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Together with these young athletes, the European Indoor Athletics Championships will be held in Istanbul next March at the 2024 Paris Olympics. We want to win a medal. Our young people are signaling to achieve this. Athletics comes with a broad and serious infrastructure. “

Fatih Çintimar said he would go with four athletes to the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, March 18-20, saying, “Our goal is at the Islamic, European and Mediterranean competitions. No athlete in the final of the Olympics has the right to participate. We will not send it to Belgrade. Our purpose is to chase the medals in a big open race. “

Emphasizing that he will win eight medals at the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Istanbul next March, TAF President Ansu Fati Chintimal said: “We wholeheartedly organize this organization. We have a total of eight medals in the history of the European Indoor Athletics Championships. Why not exceed eight medals in one organization? We have the potential to win. There are players at the level to receive medals. We will organize and applaud the medals in the best possible way at the competition to be held in this hall next year. ” He said.