Byram Bektashi: The way to be a champion is to be a family-like team

Samsunspor, one of the Spor Toto 1st League teams, is preparing for a new season at Nuria San Facilities under the leadership of Byram Vectorsh. Tomané Mendes and Alvidas Novikobas, who came to Samsung today, did not participate in the training, while Yusuf Abdiol, who was on vacation, did not participate in the training. Byram Bektashi answered press questions after training.

“Forward, middlefield and writeback will be transferred as soon as possible”

Bayram Bektas, technical director of Samsunspor, stated that the transfer to the required position would take place in a short period of time, saying, “Our work continues. We have patience and strength. We are working. We are also watching our youth in this process. We are the first camp on the weekend. We want to spend time without injury. All athletes are needed. All have completed the health checkup. Today Novikobus Comes and joins the team after a medical examination. Transfer negotiations are ongoing. To bring in good players from your difficult team. As soon as possible, the team will include the necessary forwards, midfielders and writebacks. Yusel Uyal told me about the youth. We want to establish the integrity of the team as soon as possible. Novikobas He took an extra vacation because he was on the national team. Far away. We got together early considering the players from the country. We had the opportunity to meet young people in the process. We can’t work with 30-35 players. Camp. With game plans. You need to study your system. That angle the process at Samsuns was important. “

“You can fight the season opener with Giresunspor”

Byram Bektashi said Hakan Keles, the technical director of one of the super league teams, had a friendly match, saying, “I’m not sure about the preparatory match. I talked to Giresunspor individually. Who to talk to? It’s clear. ” We will play according to the team in the camp. Hakan Keles, technical director of Giresunspor, called on me to prepare. He said he wanted to play a match. It may be the opening round of the season. I gave a positive answer. When you come back from Bolcamp, you can play before the league starts. We aim to play a 5-6 friendly match before the league begins. “

“The way to the championship is to be a family-like team.”

Bektashi said he was trying to create a family concept within the team, “We have a good formation at the moment. We can see that the new transfer adapts very quickly. We have a player with a good personality. I’m trying to transfer. Good players here. They think this place is a family-like environment. One of the former players, Ottoman Cherik and Hasan Kurchi, are coming soon. Accept. A nice atmosphere has been formed. The team feels the feelings of the family. Fighting in the field and finding that it doesn’t exist. When goals are scored or defeated, it’s like that. We see all these factors, all the parameters combined to form a family team. We are trying to create a team to fight together. Win together and fans Because the road to the championship goes through here. First, you have to be like a family. Unless you are a group that can stand up very quickly when you lose. No. We are trying to plant these .. It’s been a while since we got together. Each thing doesn’t happen too soon, so thank you. Completed eps and ready for the whole team You have to go back to Samsung and start the league this way, “he said.

“The captain is very important. Everyone needs to respect the captain who wore his puzzle band.”

Bayram Bektas, technical director of Samsunspor, emphasized that it has not yet been decided who the team captain will be, saying:

“A team that has been wearing a jersey for many years has a profile. It could be the name and profile that moves to this team. There should be no conflict here. Everyone knows everyone’s career anyway. We. Acts accordingly, without hurt or hurt. Suitable for everyone is the first captain, the second captain, and the third captain. Being a captain is a very important issue. It doesn’t crackle because the whole family stays alive. It’s a very sensitive point. You need to think about it, discuss it, create it in a way that everyone respects, and without disappointing anyone. Captain wearing a jersey. We also have time on the subject. “

Samsunspor will move to the first campsite, Kayseri-Erges, on Sunday, June 26, and after working at the second campsite, Bol, Red and White will come to Samsung to wait for the new season. ..