Bursaspor’s past debt paid



Bursaspor coach Tasin Tam answered questions from the press before the morning training session on the third day of the Afyon camp. This is also a test for us, this is the first match, it allows the players to get to know each other better. I am a coach who takes every game and every training seriously.I have a personality that never compromises on discipline. I am the one who knows how this happens.We have to come up with a game that excites the audience.I know what is required.Make them believe. “Together they will see the spirit of Bursaspor on the field. As for the conditions, we are fine. We are staying here in the best hotels. Our comfort is at the highest level.” This was the case with Ozlyutse, they did, don’t give us the troubles we had in the past. I put it in,” he said.

“Our last years were spent in turmoil”

Tahsin Tam also announced that past debts have been paid. A 53-year-old coach said:

“As of yesterday, all past debts of the cast have been paid. , we all know: non-payment of labor costs, blackouts, non-payment of player salaries… I am very grateful to him for taking responsibility, but of course our mayor We must not be alone in this struggle.All the dynamics of the city must come together.Before becoming a champion, a campaign was organized in 2007.The results of this campaign will lead to the championship. It made an impact.There was an incredible unity in the city.We all need this unity.We will do everything we can.We have a great board of directors. We have a great president.The highest quality chairman and board of directors in recent years.Very honest and clear people.Our president is a human being who accounts for every penny spent. So may the city’s luminaries who love and stand ready to support Bursaspor rest in peace.

‘I knew the transfer board wouldn’t open’


Commenting on the transfer commission’s closure, Tasin Tam said: he is determined He’s not someone who wants to convey different messages. They face heavy loads. They fight fiercely day and night. They are not facing debt burdens that can be easily resolved. he had already announced it. they are looking for a solution. Initially they were open with me. I knew the transfer board wouldn’t open. We knew we would be involved in this struggle with our own children. That’s how we got here. they are serious about it. Our Metropolitan Mayor, Alinur Aktaş, is leading this. They are meeting with the city’s celebrities. If we can reach a radical solution to this problem, we will have provided a safe haven for subsequent administrations. None of us are permanent residents here. Just like we made short-, long-, and medium-term plans for our team, they’re making those plans for themselves. But they cannot do this alone. That energy needs to appear in the city. “