“Bursaspor has over 1 billion TL in debt”-TRTSpor

Bursaspor club president Ömer Furkan Banaz spoke for the first time after the demoted Bandırmaspor match.

President Banaz, who held a press conference at Özlüce וbrahim Yazıcı Facilities, said: From the day we arrived, we have been working hard to recover the fallen team. There are no words to explain our sorrow. From the first day I arrived, I swallowed it and tried to get it done without complaining. Anyway, our reference point was Bursaspor’s stance.

We were careful to manage the champion Bursaspor like a champion. We have endeavored to fulfill all material and moral obligations as much as possible. But apart from the manager’s identity, I felt the same as the fans. As you know, Bursaspor’s position in the league was prescribing and ticketing long before recently.

Our mayor’s efforts were related to the recruitment of Bursaspor, which was idled by the resignation of the current administration. There was a process that started with the bonus award process in the Altınordu match and continued to the general assembly process. Mayor Alinur Aktaş consulted with the city’s celebrities. He showed enthusiasm. Many of these were done in public. “

Ömer Furkan Banaz goes on to say: We show the sports world that we are not successful now and will not be successful in the future. I wanted to recruit additional players according to the instructions of the technical staff. It was a very limited time. “We definitely need to strengthen this team,” said Tamer Tuna. They spent a camp with 16 soccer players. Being held hostage at the hotel and Tamer Hoja calling the mayor was a sign of a troubled situation.

It was said that some players had to be sold in order to transfer. Please sympathize. You will be involved in this process later. Measures need to be taken for the above players, but the transfer board is still closed and worked until the last few hours of the final day. There are also many controversial issues. There are players who get in the way. We made a lot of effort during that period. “

“The old management didn’t even pay the deposit.”

Ömer Furkan Banaz, who also complained about the former management holding a board at the beginning of the season, said, “They held a board at the beginning of the process, how did they hold it? He told Selesnov 260,000. Borrowing euros. Payments of 130,000 euros will be made. Recipients will receive payments, but how will the rest be paid? It is said that they will pay on this day, but the administration is internal. You can’t even pay the cannon deposit. But long-term players are trying to get paid. If € 130,000 isn’t paid, Brusaspor is said to pay again. These deals are always on the line. You have been promised what you will do. 130,000 euros are in front of you again. Then you will be given 30,000 euros on it and the board will be opened. , There are transactions related to some players and we fulfill our financial responsibilities. I am wondering if we can get rid of this situation. “

“Soccer players and the technical committee have a burden of 98 million TL.”

“We want to share something about the cost of the team,” said President Banaz. “The Bursaspor club is under a burden of 98 million TL for soccer players and technical teams. With this number, the team wins the championship. It is delegated and has a deposit. The amount paid at the beginning of the season is 40,365 thousand TL. There is a salary of 60 million TL. 5 million per game. This number is over 100 million. What is the administration paying? He pays 20 million TL. What do we pay? We pay 19 million 770,000 TL. They should be paid at the beginning of the process. I will pay 20 out of 40 million and I will pay about 20 million TL. In this short period of time, I and my management have donated 40 million 550,000 TL. This money is fully subsidized. These are not documents, checks, or promised bills. We will go beyond the pictures we have discussed and see together what happens to us, “he said.

“The cost of Tim Matavz and Ofosu is 46 million TL.”

Banaz, who made important remarks about Tim Matavs and Raregie Ofos, said: The contract amount is about 30 million TL. During half-time, friends leave when no payment is made. He guarantees a down payment of 200,000 euros out of 900,000 euros. Salary of 700,000 euros. The down payment of 200,000 euros was 59,500 euros. Why sign a contract when you are not willing to pay them? I don’t know as a financial adviser. All soccer players are in a similar situation. There is no intelligibility. Who will be paid and how much will be paid in this league? After all, are your friends competing with the Super League? There are more contracts. It doesn’t seem to be astounding. For example, Ofosu is the name Tamer Tuna complains about and Mustafa Er complains. He was also given a two-year contract. A contract worth 15 million 700,000 TL has been signed. A friend, myself, or one of the board thought about how to end the season and how to become a balm. We found a coin worth 40 to 45 million TL and said, “I need to breathe.” We told them to play their part, get the rest. The cost of these two artillery is about 46 million TL. With all my efforts I was able to find 40 million TL. Think about the rest now. “

“Bursaspor has over 1 billion TL in debt.”

Ömer Furkan Banaz also describes his future plans: Bursaspor has been delegated. None of us can. I’m like a dream. I feel that there is still a match the next day. You have scored 10 points in the last 4 games. We had a rope in our hands. If you win two games, you’ll stay in the league, but that’s what I said.

Bursaspor has a debt of over 1 billion TL. It exists even if it is delegated, and it exists even if it remains. There is no problem that 3 to 5 people can get together and solve the problem. We need to unite as a city. Bursaspor and the city of Bursa make the necessary decisions. I believe. We oppose people who use Bursaspor as a step in line with their reputation, position, interests and interests.

In the next period, we will fulfill our financial obligations in Bursaspor and pave the way for a formation approved by the Bursaspor community. There is a wrecked picture. All bursa are responsible for this. I recommend that the entire city stand beside our Bursaspor. “

“We will not leave Bursaspor unattended.”

“I’m not going to leave Bursaspor unclaimed,” said Banaz. “But that’s not something we can achieve on our own. There’s a boring process. We postpone this atmosphere and put the team on. I wanted to keep it in the league. The city now has to make a decision. There was a new rule on sports law. It’s a heavy responsibility. In this table, we must comply with that law. No. The city of Bursaspor needs to take action at the end. If you want to keep Bursaspor alive, you can say about the transfer board: You will face a situation of 140 million TL. Ofosu and Matavz If you reach this process, add 45 million TL. There is a situation of 185 million TL in front of you.

It is Bursa’s decision whether the transfer board will be opened. I was able to find 40 million TL. Think about it, this number is almost five times. Long-term evaluation is required. Bursaspor requires a five- or ten-year plan in terms of finance and management. What speeds up this process? Legislation If this regulation had been in 2010, Bursaspor would not have been like this. “

“Emin Adanur still has a debt of 33 million TL!”

Continuing his accusations of the old administration, President Omer Fulcan Banaz said: Accounting documents say that. I remember it as 33 million TL. The amount after the check is received is sold to these three players to save their money. Keep it at least for rent. There is also a championship bonus. Trabzonspor will receive an additional 3 million TL. Eminbay also assigned him. “

Banaz, who talked about Mustafa Ah and foreign players, said: He will face Menemenspor in the final match. We will consider that issue later. There are 7 foreign players whose contracts are still ongoing. The priority here is the interests of Bursaspor. It ends at the highest level. I still don’t know what can be generated numerically. There is also a problem with the legal dilemma. You can’t play foreign players anyway. They also receive documents regarding termination. They already took it at the beginning of the season, “he said.

“There was no proceeding like FK.”

On the subject of “FK”, which is of most interest to the Bursaspor community, President Omer Fercan said: Our only concern was to keep this team in the cluster. The public should accept this work. I have no decision to make. We certainly don’t have such an agenda. In light of this legal regulation, the Bursa community needs to come together again. We also need support. “You can’t do this job. I have such a plan.” If someone says and the general public accepts this name, we support it too. “

Finally, Ömer Furkan Banaz talks about the money given to the coach: “At the beginning of the season, Mustafa Er leaves without receiving money. A 3 million TL contract has been signed with Fatich Tekke. 1 million TL It will be paid and sent. Then a contract of 1,000,000 TL will be signed. 900,000 TL has been paid. Its name has a debt of 923,000 TL. This year there is a contract of 6 million TL. Signed with Tamer Tuna. They paid Tamer Tuna 1 million 250,000 TL and also paid 1 million 34 thousand TL. Mustafa Er and his team have already paid 500,000 TL. In total, it will reach 6 million TL. “