Bursa’s 3000 sites left without natural gas

The manager of the site where the 688 apartments are located disappeared because he did not pay the natural gas debt. People in the field can’t even cook except when it’s cold.

Residents of a complex of 688 apartments and a population of 3,000 in the Kiremitch district of Bursa’s Osmangaji district noticed that natural gas was cut off when they arrived at their homes in the evening.

When I asked the site manager about the situation, I found that it was due to the debt of the previous administration.

On days when temperatures fell below zero, estate residents who were not using natural gas could not contact former manager Izzet A. and gathered in front of the site administrator.

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Fail when knowing that natural gas has been cut

0054zzet A. People at the site, who claimed to have embezzled the money they had raised and said they couldn’t cook warmly in the cold season, sought to get rid of their complaints.

Müşerref Umurbilir learned that his natural gas had been cut off and fell to the ground. The neighbor who helped Umurbilir reported the situation to the health team.

Umurbilir was taken to Cekirge State Hospital for the first intervention by a medical team who was notified and sent to the scene. Muscheleff Umrubyril, who had been treated, suffered a leg injury due to a fall and was found to be healthy.

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“I used a leak”

Ergün Türker, who lives on a website talking about damage “Izzet A., who has been managing our site for five years, has been damaging and managing the site despite receiving salaries, social security, overtime, holiday allowances, severance pay, and notice compensation. The people in the administration resigned the previous week and left without handing over. As owners of the apartment, we applied to the Prosecutor’s Office five months ago and submitted a petition to the natural gas company. These problems existed before winter came and our natural gas was sealed but used illegally. However, the application to the natural gas company was unsuccessful. Filed a lawsuit against the site administrator and the court appointed a trustee to our site. However, due to the opposition of the former manager, the trustee did not come at this time. The resigned manager becomes the trustee. Until the change, he created a new management team. Said.

Bursa's 3000 site left without natural gas # 2

“Our site rents 1 million 600 thousand TL”

The site emphasizes that former management has owed about 1 million 600,000 debts to various institutions and companies, Türker said:

“Our site has a debt of about 1 million 600,000 lira. Our natural gas watch was dismantled for their debt and the person in charge resigned and left. We are a former director. We hold the chairman, Izzet A., accountable and hope that the same people will remedy our dissatisfaction. Natural gas companies 655.811 TL, electricity 109,533 TL, BUSK0054 632 TL, It seems that we owe 503,000,909 TL for taxes and insurance, and about 300,000 TL to a private company we can identify. As far as we can judge, we have a total debt of about 1,000,000,600,000 TL. This winter day, in the snowy weather, we are victims of about 3,000 people in 688 households, young and old alike. ”

Bursa's 3000 site left without natural gas # 3

“We are very sacrificed in snow and winter, we are cold”

Ergün Türker said the inhabitants of the site left their building, “The flat owner’s natural gas is cut off, so the building is frozen and there are elderly people and people with children. People who had relatives in or around Bursa had to leave. Are trying to go fast, those who can’t go have to stay in the cold inside the building. We are very suffering from snow and winter, we are cold. ” He said.

Bursa's 3000 site left without natural gas # 4

“Must be chilled at home and then frosted.”

Hakan Tabak, who was damaged by the cutoff of natural gas, complained that he was using a battery-powered vehicle for the disabled and could not take the elevator home if the electricity was cut off. “I can’t move because the blood doesn’t circulate, so I keep the air conditioner in my house warm even with natural gas. People made an offer, where it cuts while there are months unpaid invoices. Not done, but will it be cut when there are people who are willing to pay the invoice? Obviously, this money will be paid. What will people do in this cold, I freeze at home I have nowhere to go and I can’t go anywhere. I’m a tenant here, but I moved here because there are 3 air conditioners. I can’t go anywhere because I’m in a wheelchair. People Say to pay, they don’t say to pay. Besides, I have no debt, why I paid but the natural gas is off, why I Is there no natural gas when there is no debt? Said.

BURSAGAZ officials said the site’s gas was shut down last October due to its debt and the meter was shut down due to illegal use.

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